What if I buy a car “as is”?

The “as is” term implies to a pre-owned car’s warranty status. Specifically, a car with an  “as is’’ sticker on it is assumed to come with no warranty. This means that the defects an “as is” car may have been under the buyer’s responsibility and will not be covered by any warranty.

Buying an “as-is’’ car has a lot of benefits. For instance, “as is’’ cars are significantly cheaper than new cars and certified pre-owned cars. Besides, buying a car without a warranty does not necessarily mean that it should have flaws and defects. In most cases “as is” cars operate quite well and are driven for a long time. However, in the event of unnecessary problems, the whole burden of dealing with car flaws lies on the shoulders of  “as is” car owner.

In a broad sense, if a car is labeled “as is’’, it is a notice to a potential buyer that he/she is purchasing a used car as it is on the lot without any warranty coverage. In this case the law obliges car dealers to explain to the buyer whether the car is being sold as is or it is covered by warranty. Additionally, certain disclaimers must be displayed on the vehicle proclaiming its ‘’as-is’’ status. If the seller does not notify the buyer of the car’s “as-is’’ status, the latter may be entitled to a refund, replacement or penalties by law.

A valid ‘’as-is’’ notice should be clear and fully reveal that the vehicle is being sold ‘’as is’’ or ‘’with all faults’’. It must also state that the vehicle’s quality and ability to perform is under the buyer’s responsibility. Thus, if the vehicle defects and flows emerge right after the purchase, the buyer holds the whole responsibility for repair costs alone.

However, if you bought an ‘’as is’’ vehicle, this does not mean the law does not protect you at all. As California lemon law is complicated, sellers try to convince buyers that they have no rights when buying a car, labeled ‘’as is’’. Though, it is mostly the sellers who fail to follow legal procedures properly when selling an “as-is”  vehicle.

Note, that even if you signed an “as-is’’ agreement unless a label with required information was sticked to the vehicle, it is unlawful “as is’’ sale according to California’s lemon law and is a subject to recovery. This law requirement protects consumers from purchasing a vehicle unknowingly that is as-is. Consulting an experienced lemon law lawyer will help you better understand your rights when buying an “as-is’’ vehicle and take legal steps if the seller failed to properly disclose the vehicle’s “as-is’’ status.

The qualified lemon law attorneys at the Margarian law firm are committed to protecting consumers’ rights under the California Lemon law. We will put all our knowledge and successful experience forward to provide our customers with full legal assistance concerning their defective cars and dealership frauds.

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