What Are the Social Benefits of a Class Action?

Often times joining a class action is a right move not only from the individual’s perspective but is beneficial in terms of social impact. Not only can you avoid the hassle of appearing to court and providing evidence but also you can help hundreds and thousands of others like you get fair compensation for the damages. However, the social benefits of a class action are not only monetary. There are some advantages of a class action that cannot be underestimated.

Class Action Lawsuits Deter Wrongful Conduct

Often the issue is not the compensation that individuals receive but the cause for which the class action serves. Individuals with common legal interest can come together to pursue a common goal. Class action litigations raise various issues of social change, from school desegregation to prison reform. Not only do the individuals receive fair compensation for damages like defective products, toxic waste or mass accidents but also these litigations deter other companies from engaging in similar conduct.

Courts Spend Less Time on Cases

Class actions lawsuits alleviate the burden on courts. Consider 1000 plaintiffs filing individual lawsuits. The courts have to examine 1000 cases if individuals file separately. Instead, they consider just one case that will be common for all 1000 plaintiffs. From the perspective of the judicial system, this kind of lawsuits achieve economies of time, effort and expense.

Uniformity of Decisions

When multiple cases with similar issues are bonded in one lawsuit, the court is able to issue one decision that will be uniform for all. Each individual is treated equally in a proportion of the damages suffered.

Justice for All

Because small claims are aggregated in one claim, the class action lowers the high cost of litigation. This means that if you wouldn’t be in a position to file an individual lawsuit, you can still do that in a group. Class action opens ways for access to justice for those who cannot afford individual lawsuits.

Experienced Attorneys

Class actions are rather complicated and are usually brought by attorneys with particular training and experience in litigating complicated lawsuits. An individual would not like or would not be willing to pay high attorney fees whereas it is possible to hire trained attorneys when costs are shared by all plaintiffs or are paid by the defendant.

Consider Meeting with a Class Action Lawsuit Attorney

If you have been injured by some harm, be that an environmental spill in your neighborhood, a defective product or any other wrong, the best thing to do is speak to a class action lawsuit attorney to find out whether it’s worth joining the class. When choosing an attorney, try to get one that is specialized in this type of litigation. The attorneys at the Margarian Law Firm have extensive experience in lawsuits. Call (818) 553-1000 for a free consultation. Life situations are much more complex and the advice you’ll get from the Margarian Law Firm will help you make the right decision.

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