Veterans and Their Legal Benefits

As you might know, November 11th is the Veterans Day in the United States. This public holiday has an interesting history. Previously known as the Armistice Day, commemorating the end of World War I which became possible when an Armistice with Germany was signed. Later, in 1954 the holiday changed its name to Veterans Day. However, the curious thing here is the number 11. World War I ended on November 11 of 1918 around 11 am. Two coincidences might not surprise you, but do not forget that November is 11th month. So, what do US laws have to offer for the heroes of this special day?

Obviously, the holiday isn’t the only homage that veterans deserve. People who risked their lives for the sake of homeland deserve a bigger payback. But do we know exactly what legal benefits veterans have? The question goes as far as who can qualify for certain benefits and how. Because a matter of days in the service can determine veteran’s eligibility for certain benefits. So, let us find out more about to whom, how and when advantages apply.


Veterans with a disability might receive compensation up to $3000. A person will get these benefits in case he/she was injured while performing military duties or if his existing injuries worsened. In some cases, veterans who suffered from the VA health care are also eligible to apply. It is important to consider, that if veterans received a discharge under dishonorable conditions, they no longer qualify for this category. You can find details about the application process for this category here.


The pension program that VA offers is among the most significant types of benefits. The program operates on a needs-based principle. Veterans with a lifelong disability, little income, and inability to work can apply. It is important to know that it is not mandatory for those factors to be interdependent. Some veterans are unaware of the fact that they still qualify for a pension if they are in good health but have a little income.

Other important factors that determine eligibility are:

  • The time you spent on active duty should be 90 days or more with at least one day during a wartime period.
  • Your yearly income is less than the one prescribed by Congress.
  • You are older than 65.
  • You received a military discharged from service, not for dishonorable reasons.

Health Care

Veterans have the right to get free or low-cost health care services from VA medical facilities. The Department of Veteran’s Affair has to provide hospital and outpatient care defined as “needed.” VA considers a treatment needed when the care aims at promotion, preservation, and restoration of health. Health care not only provides treatment but also procedures, supplies, and services. Note that; health care benefits apply not only to military related injuries. There are also special programs which include HIV treatment, blindness recovery, drug addiction treatment, etc.

Education and Career Help

For participants of war, it is a common and difficult experience of returning to civilian life. That is why you might hear a lot about programs such as GI Bill that help veterans with education and career opportunities. Pursuing a career is a great option for getting back on track. Career goes hand in hand with education, so it is worth taking the best out of those two benefits. Besides the GI Bill ones, other benefits such as state, private educational programs, scholarships or funds might apply.

Everyone would agree that veterans deserve the best. Parades and medals might be fine, but nothing is more necessary than practical help. So, along with love and respect from fellow citizens, veterans deserve a helping hand from the government. If they and their relatives know all about these four benefits, recovering from war and returning to civilian life would be much easier.

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