I Have a Used Car that Seems to Be a Lemon: What Are My Rights?

Most of your friends recommended you should buy a used car over a new car. Now you are mad at all of them (even if you say you’re fine) because your newly purchased used car seems to be a lemon. On top of that, your friends keep saying that used cars aren’t covered under the lemon law (I know, that’s frustrating). Well, don’t listen to them! Just scroll down to learn how to get rid of your defective used car!

You Are Protected – Even With a Used Car

All states in the U.S. have lemon laws that cover new vehicles with serious defects for a certain amount of time or mileage (yeah, we’ve talked about this lot). But many consumers are unaware that there are also protective provisions for used car owners under the lemon law.

Though state laws vary, the main requirement of this law in all states is that the vehicle must still be under the manufacturer’s warranty. So, when you buy a used car “as is” (without a warranty), the dealer is almost never responsible for any faults that you discover after driving the car off the lot.

So, it’s crucially important to review your state’s laws to find out if your used car qualifies as a lemon as each state has its own specific laws for used vehicles. For example, Colorado and Illinois DON’T cover used vehicles. No worries! Even if your state does not have a used car lemon law, there may be other legal remedies available to you.

On the other hand, the California Lemon Law is one of the strongest in the nation. You will get a refund or a replacement, but only if the manufacturer or its authorized dealers fail to fix your vehicle after a reasonable number of repair attempts. By the way, make sure you keep a copy of every repair order indicating what was exactly done. This will considerably improve your chances of winning your lemon law case.

Driving a Lemon? Contact a Lemon Law Attorney Today!

Looking for a qualified lemon law attorney? Look no further! Just dial (818) 553-1000 for a FREE consultation. At Margarian Law Firm our knowledgeable attorneys will help you understand the various aspects of the lemon law and how you’re protected. Best part? The California Lemon Law requires the manufacturer to pay for the consumer’s attorney fees. So, your representation will be entirely FREE.

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