Top typical signs of transmission issues claiming that your California car is a lemon.

The most common issue about car defects as our attorneys say is a transmission issue. What do we know about transmission issues and which car manufacturers often face this problem? Let’s deal with this problem. 

What signs point to a transmission problem?

  1. Failure to change directions 

You are certainly dealing with a transmission system issue if your car refuses or has trouble shifting gears. Your car could not be shifting gears because it has low or the wrong kind of transmission fluid.

  1. Burning odor

If you notice any burning odors coming from your vehicle, you should take it to a mechanic straight . This odor might mean that your transmission is overheated or that the transmission fluid is old and burned.

  1. Strange sounds in neutral

Strange noises coming from your vehicle when in neutral indicate that something is amiss with your transmission. If you’re lucky, the noises may indicate that your automobile needs new transmission fluid, which a specialist will flush and replace. 

On the other side, it could indicate that your vehicle requires a replacement or additional service from a professional auto repair.

  1. Check the engine light

A bright check engine light on your dashboard might signal a number of automotive problems, both minor and major. However, if the source of the problem is critical, make sure a local professional inspects it.

  1. Fluid Leakage 

One of the most common transmission problems is leaking transmission fluid. If you detect a red, sweet-smelling fluid underneath your car in the garage or a parking lot, notify your mechanic so that they may check the transmission fluid level and look for any leaks.

Top car manufacturers with transmission issues.

  1. Chevrolet Traverse 10 

The transmission in the 2013 Chevrolet Traverse has not kept up well over time. This transmission’s normal mileage ranges from 175,000 km to 225,000 km. The Toyota Highlander is a comparable vehicle with a more reliable transmission, according to Consumer Reports.

    2. Nissan Rogue 

The transmission on the 2011/2012 Nissan Rogue left much to be desired. While its average mileage of 150,000-240,000 km isn’t bad, it may need multiple repairs. 

    3. Ford Focus

    Ford has undoubtedly experienced transmission issues throughout the years. A      Focus created between 2012 and 2017 might be problematic. 

  1. Kia Forte

   Although it was only launched in 2019, several Kia Forte customers discovered that their transmission failed after only 20,000-40,000 km.

  1. Nissan Pathfinder

  Nissan has a terrible track record when it comes to transmissions. The Pathfinders from 2013-2014 are among the worst. A usual mileage of 90,000-175,000 km isn’t bad, but the maintenance you could require along the way are. 

Get the help from our attorneys!

The number of dangerous transmission issues that may be discovered on a single car should raise a few red flags for you. However, if you have had faults in your car, you may be entitled to compensation. The Margarian Law Firm specializes in Lemon Law, Dealer Fraud, and Consumer Class Actions. Lemon Law allows customers who have had vehicles with multiple irreparable defects, also called Lemons, get compensation. We are helping the client as well as many others get compensation for their Lemons, and we can help you too. Compensation for Lemons can include the buyback of the defective vehicle, the payment of attorney’s fees, or a cash settlements. If you have a Lemon, contact The Margarian Law Firm at (818) 553-1000. 



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