Top Settlement Lawsuits to Claim

Did you know you can file a claim for settlement money and earn bucks? You need to check a list of top-class action lawsuits, see if you are eligible and submit your claim. If the court decides that the company should pay the settlement, you will get your compensation payment.


How To File a Claim?

First, you must check a list of top-class action lawsuits to find out open settlements. If you have bought a product under dispute, you can find out the estimated payout. You need to have the receipt but not always. Some claims require no receipt. So, go ahead and check the list.

If you have purchased a product under dispute and decided to file a claim, you need to fill out an online settlement claim form. You will need to answer simple questions like your name, address, the product you’re purchased. The checks will arrive at the mentioned address once the court satisfies the claim. Normally, it arrives in 1-2 months after the claim period.


Class Action Lawsuits That Require No Proof

Here is a list of class action lawsuits that require no proof. This is a non-exhaustive list and serves as an example of such claims. For a more exhaustive list, see here.


  1.  California Gang Curfew Injunction – The deadline for applying is August 14, 2020. You may receive an award of up to $62 with no proof of purchase.
  2.  Trojan Horse Retirement Plan Class Action Lawsuit – If you have a 401(k) plan with Trojan Horse in the period from 1 Jan. 2011 to 20 Sept. 2016, and you fear that you may be taken advantage of, you may file a claim against Trojan Horse Retirement Plan. There is no deadline to file a claim form.
  3.  Bank of America Uber Overdraft Fee Class Action Lawsuit – This lawsuit is for those who have paid an overdraft fee from the Bank of America. The fee must have been paid between 1 Jan. 2012 through 31 Dec. 2016 but has not been classified as a one-time charge. If you are one of such persons, you may receive compensation from the Bank of America. There is no deadline.
  4.  Blue Shield of California Mental Health Coverage Class Action Lawsuit – If you sought insurance coverage for outpatient treatment for certain types of disorders but the insurance company denied with reference to policies between 1 January 2012 and 5 March 2017, then you are eligible for a potential compensation from the Blue Shield of California Mental Health Coverage. Again, there is no deadline to file a claim.


If Undecided Apply to Margarian Law Firm

If you have purchased a product or used a service and want to file a claim but you are undecided and don’t know whether it’s worth your time and efforts, call Margarian Law Firm attorneys for a free consultation. Dial (818) 553-10000 and we will help you in your decision as well as in your pursuit for fair compensation. The consultation is free. So go ahead, and we will decide together on whether it’s worth it.

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