Top 5 Lemon Law Myths You Should Know About

Different states have got different Lemon Laws. That’s the reason you need to contact a Lemon Lawyer who works in your state and who will provide you with a good advice about your state Lemon Law, otherwise, you may start to believe in several Lemon Law myths that have been generated by people who have no idea what this law is all about. Hence, following are top 5 Lemon Law myths that you should beware about:

  • Leased cars are not covered by Lemon Law

This is a complete nonsense! Leased vehicles ARE covered by Lemon Law as well as purchased ones. Hence, if you have leased a car and you think it is defective, you can contact a Lemon attorney for legal help.

  • Used cars are not covered by Lemon Law

This is one more Lemon Law myth some people believe in. The thing is that as long as the used vehicle is covered by its manufacturer original warranty, it can be covered by the Lemon Law, as well. In some cases even extended warranties and certifies pre-owned warranties work for the consumer.

  • My vehicles are currently operating

If your vehicle is currently operating in a proper way, it does not mean you cannot file a Lemon Law claim against the manufacturer. If your vehicle has been in the repair shop for up to 4 times for the same or a multiple safety issues or it has been in the dealership or the repair shop for a cumulative of 30 days, then it can be branded as Lemon, according to California Lemon Law.

  • I have modified certain things on my car

If you have made certain modifications on your vehicle, it does not mean your car cannot qualify under the Lemon Law. You should contact an experienced Lemon Law attorney for legal help in such a case. The lawyer will be able to evaluate your case and provide you with comprehensive legal help.

  • I cannot afford an attorney

Many Lemon Law lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you do not have to pay attorney fees to the attorney for their work. The attorney will gather their fees from the manufacturer after they win the case for you. If the attorney loses the case, you do not owe them anything.

These are some common Lemon Law myths you should beware about. If you or a loved one got a defective vehicle that the manufacturer or the dealership do not or cannot repair, then you should contact an experienced Lemon Law Lawyer. The Margarian Law Firm in California handles Lemon Law and auto dealer fraud cases. So, if you think you need a free case evaluation and further legal help, then pick up your phone and call us at (818) 553-1000.


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