The Questions to Ask your Attorney

Facing a legal matter? Here are two things you can choose to do: either rely on your obscure knowledge of the law and try to tackle the matter yourself or consult with an experienced attorney for professional legal assistance. In the first case, you can end up with significant time and money lose and make the situation go for the worse. In the second one, a skilled attorney will work for you in the court case and provide guidance in your legal situation.

Once you made up your mind on consulting an attorney on your case, finding the best attorney that fits your needs is another tricky issue. Some law firms, like the Margarian Law firm, offer free initial consultation, so you can use the chance to find the attorney who can handle your case in the most effective way. Your clearly defined questions on the first consultation may give you and the attorney a good idea of whether or not you can work together. Here are 5 questions to ask the attorney on your initial interview to make sure he/she can get the best settlement of your case.

  • How Long Have You Been Practicing Law?

It takes many years of hard work and practice to become a professional attorney. 10-15 years of substantial litigation experience is considered as the best one. However, this is not a dogma. Sometimes a beginner attorney can handle your legal issue in the best possible way due to his/her profound knowledge of laws and passion to succeed.

  •  Have You Handled Similar Cases Before?

Knowing how much of the attorney’s practice is devoted to similar legal issues will help you estimate the chances of the successful settlement of your case. An attorney with the right background can get the best results as he/she is already aware of all the details of the topic area your case falls in. For example, a successful family law attorney will find it difficult to handle business tax cases.

  • Do You Practice in The Courthouse Where My Case Is To Be Listened?

It is wise to ask your potential attorney whether he/she has experience in the courthouse where your case is. Knowing the preferences of the judges who will likely preside over your case will be a huge advantage. Besides, the previous courthouse experience will enhance your attorney’s ability to evaluate the likely outcomes of your case.

  • What are the fees and expenses?

Asking the attorney about the legal fees and expenses on your initial interview is vital. You must know exactly how the attorney will charge for representation to decide whether or not you can afford his/her services. You will also need to know payment options, how often you will be charged and what is included in the amount.

  • How will we communicate?

Proper communication is necessary for ensuring efficient attorney-client relationship. Make sure to agree on the ways that you will stay in touch. Some attorneys will prefer to communicate by phone, others by email, and the third ones will not have time to get in touch with you, so their assistant will inform you on your case. Finding an attorney who communicates the way you prefer is the key factor in an attorney-client relationship.

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