Tesla Model Y Build Quality Problems: Some Of The Issues On This Model Seem Extreme

Tesla Model Y already has quality issues, according to InsideEVs. Starting with the early Model 3s, Tesla earned a reputation for questionable build quality. The expectation was that all these little issues would be solved, and flawless or near-flawless Model Y would be delivered to buyers. However, It appears that Tesla’s build quality is still problematic, as this video reveals.

The Model Y featured in the video is one of the first sold in the U.S., but still, some issues include:


  • Condensation in the taillights
  • Uneven panel gaps
  • What appears to be an improperly attached seat back panel
  • Window trim moldings misaligned
  • Variable hood gaps
  • Wheel trim moldings way out of alignment
  • Tailgate sticks while raising up
  • Non-working release for rear seat
  • The rear seat won’t go back up without flattening a panel that is not properly attached
  • Poor alignment of trim on the inside of the front door


Tesla will fix small issues with the Model Y free of charge, but it is not the best solution. Model Y needs to be examined thoroughly before being okayed for delivery. The point is that for $70,000, buyers must expect the best build quality, and that’s what they should receive. We suggest taking your time to inspect a Model Y before buying it.

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