How Successful are Lemon Law Cases?

You bought a brand new vehicle, and you already want to boast around. Quite good news, isn’t it? What if you discover that the car is a lemon? A real disappointment, yeah? The fact is a very unpleasant one but no reason to be upset. If you bought a defective car and it is under warranty, most probably you will get a replacement or even your money back. Law firms claim for a 90% success rate and your chances that you will receive fair compensation are big.



Typical successful lemon law cases

Mr. X’s vehicle was stalling out. The manufacturer was unable to repair the defect. Eventually, the client received Lemon Law Buy Back.

Mr. Jone’s truck was giving trouble. After a number of repair attempts, the truck was not recovered to its full value. The client secured a loss in value claim against the manufacturer.

Mr. F’s car was suffering from continuous loss of power. The manufacturer couldn’t repair the vehicle. The outcome was a Lemon Law Buy Back.

Mr. Jackson’s car gave problems with a defective transmission. The court reached a unanimous jury verdict for $50,000 to repurchase the vehicle.

Now, before you run to your manufacturer to claim the compensation you truly deserve, here are some tips to consider for the successful outcome of your case.


Arbitration vs. Lawsuit

Arbitration is similar to a lawsuit but not completely. During the arbitration, a single person (or sometimes a panel) is appointed as an “arbiter.” This person will determine whether or not you have a lemon. It’s up to you to gather the necessary evidence and witnesses who can help you in your case.

During the lawsuit, you hire an experienced attorney to handle the case for you in court. If the decision does not fit you, you can appeal.

At first glance, you may think that arbitration is a better option since you don’t need to hire an attorney. In reality, arbitration often works in favor of the manufacturer. You are the one who faces the burden of proof, meaning that you are the person who needs to prove that you have a lemon car. In reality, you are limited in the “discovery” of evidence as there is no opportunity to force the other side to answer the questions under oath and submit necessary documents. The limited access to information may hurt your case, and you may end up with nothing.

During the arbitration, you won’t have an expert lawyer whereas a specialist who is competent in solving such matters will represent the manufacturer. So, your chances are little to nothing.

This is why your chances of winning a case are much higher if you go for lawsuit rather than arbitration.


The lawsuit can be free

Some people think that they’d better go for arbitration due to financial considerations. They don’t know that the lawsuit is probably cheaper than arbitration because if you win the case, the manufacturer also has to pay all of your legal expenses.

A wise solution to an unpleasant situation like a lemon car would be to hire a lemon law attorney who will help you win the case. In such a situation, not only you will get everything you deserve, but the manufacturer will cover your legal fees.

The attorneys at Margarian Law Firm have extensive legal experience. They have won thousands of lemon law cases with a successful outcome and have utilized lemon law for the benefits of their clients. The attorneys at Margaryan law are fully knowledgeable of consumer laws and are known to fight aggressively for every client. If you have any issues with a car you believe is a lemon, talk to our attorney and you will get a sense of how successful your case might be.

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