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Lemon Law

Consumer Protection at no Out-off Pocket Costs to You!

The Lemon Law is one of the most consumer friendly laws specifically designed to protect your interests, your investment in your vehicle and your safety. For most Americans cars are the second most expensive investments/expenses made in a lifetime. You want to protect your finances as well as your safety, along with the safety of those who ride with you – most often your family.

If you have leased, purchased or financed a vehicle that turned out to be defective, we can fight for you and help you get rid of it. The manufacturers have BIG law firms represent their interests and often push you to settle on your own – don’t fall for it. Make sure you have the representation that you deserve to get the most that the law has for you.

The law is very pro-consumer as it allows the consumer to obtain a refund of all of his/her monthly payments, down payment and other consequential expenses less a statutory usage charge based on the time the vehicle first becomes defective. In addition, the law mandates that the manufacturer pays for the consumer’s attorney’s fees. Thus our office charges nothing out-of-pocket from the consumer. This is why California lemon law is one of the most effective and pro-consumer laws in the USA.

CA Lemon Law Statute

The full version of the law

Here is what the California Lemon Law Statute states. Feel free to read the law itself or call us to find out how we can help you benefit from the Lemon Law and get your refund.

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