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Class Action Litigation

You have most likely received a notice stating that you are part of a class action lawsuit. Here is the brief overview how the class action process happens. It is an essential mechanism for protecting your rights. Corporate giants purposefully design marketing campaigns, prices, products in such a way that will allow them to maximize their profits at the expense of you. Mostly, their tricks are too smart or minor to trigger a lawsuit. And they are banking on this while millions are lost by consumers. Consumer class action law suits arise when a group of people get injured or suffer losses from the same or similar defects associated to the same product like a model of a vehicle produced by a certain manufacturer.

In similar situation, you can apply for free assistance of a Class Action Lawyer who is experienced in representing classes of injured people in this specific type of lawsuit.

As a result of the settlement, you will get the proper compensation you are entitled to from a manufacturer.

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If anyone has violated your consumer rights, we are here to offer you comprehensive legal help.

Class Action Lawsuits can be better alternatives to recover your damages

Pushing Your Settlement to a Refund

Class Member Notices Once the lawsuit is filed and the court has approved the class, the group of consumers affected under the claim receive a notice which describes the class action, the causes and ramifications. Usually it includes a proposed settlement if one was reached or preliminarily approved by the court.
If you receive the notice, you can either:

  • join the class action (this is usually the default option that requires no further action by the class members),
  • opt-out or withdraw oneself from the class action (which can be done if they do not like the settlement options or want to bring their own lawsuit independently from the class)
  • file a complaint (which is usually done through your own attorney who files the reason for your objection to the court on or before the indicated deadline.)

If you opted-in and stayed as a member of the class originally defined and approved by the court, you are bound to the final decision of the judge – the outcome of the lawsuit.

The type and amount of the award is approved by the judge once a settlement is reached or when the court makes a ruling on the case. Each class member receives a certain amount in monetary compensation. Attorney fees are decided and approved by the judge as well resulting you no out of pocket expenses for the whole litigation.

The class action lawsuit is based on the collective power of filing a claim and efficiently recovering the damages suffered. Sometimes the damages are great enough to raise a concern but small enough to file an expensive lawsuit. Many plaintiffs together make the best use of legal power to recover damages that couldn’t be compensated independently.

Class actions serve the best interest of public policy that lowers litigation expenses and plaintiffs for consumers.

Being part of a class is usually less time consuming for a member of the class than it is for an individual plaintiff leading a lawsuit on their own.

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