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Reasons to sue a car dealerships

 The Margarian Law firm team fighting with car dealerships that have engaged in deceptive practices. Our Attorneys experienced in Lemon law, Dealer Fraud and Class Action assist car buyers who have been duped, scammed, or lied to by a dealership. As usual many car dealers are in the business of exploiting as many car buyers as possible who are unaware of the various schemes used to defraud car buyers.

Furthermore car dealerships use the following strategies to defraud car buyers.

Therefore follow this statements to understand if Car Dealer lied to you:

  •  You buy a car and pay more than the advertised price.
  •  You buy a car without being told that it has been in an accident or that it is defective.
  •  Your car broke down soon after you drove off the lot.
  •  You buy a car that you believed had options or features that it does not.

In everyday practice we hear the phrase “My dealer sold me a lemon car”, how can I sue my car dealership?

In conclusion, auto dealer attorneys will help get out of contracts, replace, repurchase, or even return your vehicle to get money back.

We encourage you to contact us today at (818) 553-1000 and tell us about the case. The consultation is FREE!

In addition, if the answer was yes to any of these statements, you are legally able to sue the dealer for not telling the truth about the vehicle. First, need to consult with an attorney. You have to know your rights, your damages, what you are legally entitled to and what you can expect from the case if you take action. Maybe this case is $1. Maybe you have a $1,000,000 case! You owe it to yourself to find out. 

 For instance, if you believe that you are a victim of car dealership fraud, call our experienced auto dealer fraud attorneys at (818) 553-1000 for a FREE consultation. At the Margarian Law Firm, our dealer fraud lawyers have represented thousands of consumers just like you who were defrauded by car dealers. They will evaluate all aspects of the case for free, explain the available options, the odds and amounts you are entitled to and help get justice!


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