3 Legal Resolutions You Need to Make in 2017

New Year is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time for updating your resolutions list. You might want to travel more, take up a new hobby or start a blog. Must probably all at once. We all know how that works – the list of ideas can be endless. But we doubt that you have some legal resolutions on that list and we are here to help you consider some. What a boring idea, you might think! While they are not as thrilling as skydiving, they will prove worthy in a long run, trust us. Here is your short guide to New Year’s legal resolutions.

How are your wills doing?

Don’t get it wrong, we wish all the luck and health in 2017! However, being prepared for the worst is what we always have to do in life, isn’t it? Wills are not only for the rich and famous, like Marilyn Monroe. Anybody who wants to protect their children, assets, and estate, should have one. So, better start working now. Better now than never.

Ever heard of a living will? It is a legal document in which one can specify what health decisions they want to be taken for themselves if they are incapacitated. The will has another form “power of attorney.”  With this one, a person can appoint an agent to make decisions on their behalf when they are no longer able to.

If you already have a will, don’t relax. There is always work to do. It’s holidays and you have a plenty of time to think thoroughly and update it. You should surely update your will in case of any major life change, such as divorce or marriage or changing a home.

Keep track of your finances

This one is another important but more practical legal resolutions for 2017. First, think about all the debts you have. Second, get rid of them. According to  2016 American Credit Card Debt Study, an average household has $132,529 in debt. Moreover, “for households that carry credit card debt, it costs them about $1,300 a year in interest.”  Debts are stressful, don’t let them spoil your year. After you are done with that, its time to look forward. To do that, you’ll just need to organize your finances. Let 2017 be financially rich and let you realize all the wishes on your bucket list.

See your lawyer

Your lawyer is always one of your best friends. And there is no one better to help you write your legal resolutions list. Is there one legal issue that bothers you for a long time and has turned into a nightmare? Does your boss act suspiciously and you think that you are falling victim to employment discrimination or things are pointing at wrongful termination? Or maybe you are going through a divorce and consider whether you should have divorce mediation or not. A good lawyer knows it all. Trying to cope with all the burden on your own isn’t the best idea.

Take care of all these before they start bothering you! Welcome, 2017 with a peaceful mind and a good lawyer. If you don’t have one, our lawyers will not disappoint. They work hard to prove that your rights matter 365 days a year.


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