Negligent and Reckless Driving in California Traffic Accidents

Negligent and reckless driving can often result in collisions which harm children, pedestrians, and the elderly. This is why there are mandatory safety laws for both pedestrians and drivers to use caution while walking and driving. However, people too often disregard these rules which result in serious personal injuries. The most common of these injuries are:

• Concussions and closed head injuries
• Fractures of arms, legs, and ribs
• Spinal injuries including herniated discs
• Contusions and severe abrasions often called “road rash”

Driver’s negligence can take various forms:

– Speeding
– Running a stop sign
– General recklessness with disregard for the safety of others

Plaintiffs who allege that they have been wronged by another person, need to prove that the defendant broke a law which was intended to protect the plaintiff from such damages. In a traffic violation, this means endangering everyone else who is on the road.  Oftentimes, accident lawsuits come down to the ability of the plaintiff to prove negligence from the defendant’s side, through eyewitness testimony or other evidence.

However, it’s possible for more than one person to be responsible for the accident. Such negligence is referred to as contributory or comparative negligence, meaning that it was both the driver’s negligence, as well as the victim’s that resulted in injuring the victim.

If you have recently become a victim of a traffic accident and as a result suffered serious injuries, then contact a California Injury Lawyer to help you with your case. The Margarian Law Firm aggressively protects the rights of individuals who suffered personal injuries in California. We will evaluate your case and prepare as fast as possible your claim for the compensation you deserve. We also provide a flat fee agreed upon before we begin. Feel free to contact us!

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