Named Plaintiff: Class Action Role

When it comes to class action lawsuits, you want to know that your agent will represent your interests at best. As such, the court will pick a law firm and a named plaintiff – the main players who cater for the best interests of the class members.

The Leader. Class action lawsuits are generally an efficient mode for courts to hear and try similar cases. The court chooses a named plaintiff as a representative member in a class action lawsuit. In other words, one plaintiff will act on behalf of a group of people who have experienced a similar issue. The courts often have guidelines and requirements when it comes to deciding on the named plaintiff. Most importantly, the interests and requirements of this plaintiff shall reflect those of the rest of members of the class action. The plaintiff assumes a number of responsibilities. In addition, named plaintiff may exercise control over the claim and decide the route to follow for the case.

“The Best Man at the Wedding”. The named plaintiff is usually the first plaintiff who brings the case to class action attorney spotlight. Eventually, the plaintiff also assumes responsibility on deciding on the defense counsel to proceed with the case. In a class action lawsuit, the named plaintiff shall work closely with the defense counsel and determine the requirements for class members. The named plaintiff may also get involved in identifying facts, which will later substantiate the claim of the class.

Teaming up. The named plaintiff should not act on his own. There may be occasions when a small group of people team up to act as the plaintiff. The number of members of a class action may range from a hundred to million, and a group is selected from amongst these people.

Best qualities. The named plaintiff plays a significant role in that he is a representative member of the class, which members have suffered a similar injury and seek the best redress possible. However, the plaintiff should act closely with the defense counsel and try to monitor the attorney’s performance as much as possible. The named plaintiff is responsible for accepting or rejecting a settlement or proposal when this comes up. In doing so, the plaintiff acts on behalf of the full class and should again act in the best interests of the class members. This means, that, when dealing with the proposed settlement, the named plaintiff must determine whether the proposal is fair and acceptable for the class.

Getting Help. If you believe you have a claim valid for a class action, consult with a lawyer to check this perspective. If you believe that you are not the only victim and can bring the case collectively and possibly act as the named plaintiff, contact the class action litigation attorneys at the Margarian Law Firm. Call us at (818) 553-1000 for a FREE consultation. Our attorneys will examine the grounds for initiating a class action lawsuit saving your time and efforts.

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