No Airbag Deployment: Huge Case?

We get this call almost weekly. The vehicle is in an accident. Be that a Honda, BMW, Audi, Lamborghini, Maserati, or another vehicle. The vehicle is severely damaged, but the airbags never engaged. Is there a case against the manufacturer?

The answer is usually – no. If the airbags deployed, there would be an impact upon the person’s face. Thus, airbags are designed to deploy only when it will likely prevent a worse injury (worse than the injury that will be caused by the airbags themselves). Most of the time there is no injury that could have been prevented and thus no case against the manufacturer when the airbags do not deploy.

My neighbor thinks it is a million-dollar case. This is also a common line we hear. Legally, case values are based on damages. If there is no injury, there are no damages and there is zero value to the case. While we love our neighbors, friends, and others who give us frequent advice, it is always best to consult an experienced attorney when it comes to legal matters. Just like it is best to consult a doctor when it comes to medial matters. Above all, it is best to use logic. Never take anyone’s work for at its face value. Be that your neighbor, your doctor or your attorney. Have them explain why and how.

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