Top 7 Most Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Law Firm in 2019

High-quality traffic, more clients and higher return… I guess this is in your wish list. All of these are quite possible to achieve if you take your marketing strategies seriously. In this article, I am going to talk about the most used techniques in digital marketing for the year 2019.

1. Your Brand Name is Your Professional Face

Ask yourself these simple questions: “Why should anyone use my services?” “What is unique in what I do?” Write down the answers to these questions. Write as many as you can. The ones you choose must be the most inspiring. Keep that in your brand messaging and inspire others to go after you.

2. Strive for Excellence and Build Credibility

You must excel others in some way. This is how you can build your credibility in various practice areas. Become a leader in the industry. I know it takes time and a lot of hard work, but you will harvest ripe fruits soon.

Building a friendly and comprehensive website is one of the ways to increase credibility. Here you may include awards you have received or customer reviews. Your firm success stories are another excellent way of building trust among potential customers.

Statistics on the number of cases accomplished with a positive result is also a source of credibility.

3. You Have No Go Without SEO in the 21st Century

Think of thousands and hundreds of thousands of law firms that want to get on the first page of Google. What are your chances? How can you be one of the lucky ones that appear on the first page? To be on the first page of Google, you need to invest in SEO. No ifs or buts!

4. Run an Optimized Google Adwords Campaign

Paid ads still play a significant role in marketing strategy tools. AdWords campaign can attract a large volume of highly qualified traffic to your website. And you don’t need to compete for ultra-competitive keywords like “law firm” or “attorney”. Hire a professional that can design a high-quality campaign that can bring you leads.

5. Video Marketing is a Trend of 2019

In 2019, video marketing is going to be even more important. You’re 53 times more likely to feature on the first page of Google if you include a video, according to the infographic from Filmora.

Videos can capture anything from your services to  your expertise. The audience likes listening to short and engaging videos rather than reading long and tedious articles.

6. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing was on top of marketing tools in 2018, and it is going to become more prominent in 2019. You must have everything – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. They all bring clients and keep you in the center of attention without spending tons of money on this form of marketing. Most often your Facebook page will come up even faster than your main page. Build your social media channels up to date and attractive.

7. Newsletter Marketing

This is again one of the trends of 2019. Newsletters help you show that you are following the legal news in your practice areas and are a great chance to increase your credibility and authority with informative content. You can write about the recent news in your practice area or showcase the success stories with your clients and staff. You can also provide links to your latest blog posts.

No lawyer can accomplish all these points alone. You need a marketing team to work vigorously for your law firm’s success.

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