What is the Minimum Number of People Needed for Class Action Lawsuit?

Many of us have purchased products that turned out to be defective and others have requested a service from a business that was never fulfilled on the end of that business. What to do? If you are a determined person, most probably you will file a class action lawsuit. All you know is that you can sue the business on behalf of a group. But where to start and how many plaintiffs do you need? You’ll get basic answers to these questions in this article. Keep on reading if you really want to restore justice and not allow the business that mistreated you to gain an unfair advantage of you.

Are There Others With A Common Claim?

The first thing to find out is whether there are other people with a common claim. You need at least several dozen that have been injured in a similar way under the same set of facts. Today, even before you contact a lawyer, you can go to forums and chats to see if other people have similar complaints about the same product or service. Search news sources or forums and you will have a general idea whether it’s worth filing a class action suit.

What is the Minimum Number of People Required to File a Class Action Suit?

There is no specific minimum number. Generally, if there are fewer than 20 class members, it may be hard to qualify for a class action. Sometimes the minimum is specified by law. Speak to a class action attorney to find out more.

When and Where to Start?

You may want to file a class action lawsuit if you are financially not viable to file an individual case. Before you even start filing the complaint, you need to speak to an attorney experienced in handling class action lawsuit cases. The attorney will help you determine how and whether a class action lawsuit can be filed.

Don’t even think that you are going to pay the attorney out of pocket. Most class action lawyers get paid only in case they win the suit. If, in the end, you win the case, the attorney handling the case will receive a percentage of the final settlement or court award.

As a “lead plaintiff” you will receive an “incentive award” for filing the lawsuit and actively participating in the case.

Talk to an Attorney Today

This article intended to give you a general idea of where and how to start. In life, things are far more complicated and you need to discuss your individual case with an experienced attorney. 

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