My McLaren 720s Has a Drivetrain and Suspension Defect but McLaren Says It’s Not a Lemon

High-end performance vehicles are every car enthusiast’s dream. Thus it is almost instinctive to want to deny that your McLaren 720s, for example, is defective. Unfortunately, manufacturers take advantage of this inclination to their own benefit. 

You finally buy that dream McLaren 720s but later start experiencing drivetrain malfunctions, suspension issues, and other headaches. You eventually muster up the will power to tell your dealer your McLaren 720s is defective and you want a refund. You expect that after having paid $350,000 cash your request would be accommodated. However, you are likely in for a surprise. The dealer and the manufacturer will likely deny your request. Why? It is bad for their reputation and for their pocketbooks. 

High-end vehicle retailers and manufacturers prey on their customers’ financial means. They figure it is not a big deal if you lose $50,000 or $100,000 and they can entice you by simply getting you into a newer model vehicle or by simply reminding you of the close relationship you have had with them to date. It is almost like a tax on being wealthy.

Other times they will keep insisting that the vehicle is not defective and simply blame you for any issues with the vehicle. If you find yourself in such a predicament you need a skilled lemon law and dealer fraud attorney who is not afraid of a full out war with the manufacturer. In fact, a great attorney would love to fight for you if your McLaren 720s is defective and the manufacturer or dealer refuses to buy it back. 

Unfortunately, most attorneys prefer the easy cases and do minimal work on cases. Thus if you hire an attorney who for example handles 50 types of cases and is not set up to handle a serious lemon law case then after a year or two of litigation all she will accomplish getting you is a small cash settlement offer. It takes time, money and more time to properly litigate a case. Sometimes this amounts to 300 hours of work plus $40,000 in our of pocket costs. If your attorney does not have the time or money than he cannot go the distance for you. In the end, you will get very little, if anything. 

At The Margarian Law Firm, we love litigating tough cases. By though we do not mean cases where there is no evidence, no proof and no possible way to win. By tough we mean cases where the opposing side has an army of attorneys, puts up a solid defense and it will take us 200 or 400 hours to line up the evidence, to depose 10 or 20 witnesses, service advisors, technicians, manufacturer’s experts, and designers, to fly to the manufacturer’s main office, to test your car and similar cars with our experts and to ultimately prove your case. It is a chess match and we are in it to win it. 

The CA Lemon Law is the same whether the vehicle is a $20,000 Honda or a $500,000 supercar. You are entitled to a statutory refund plus your attorney’s fees and costs if your car is defective. The law allows you the opportunity to hire the attorney of your choice to go to war for you. Hire us if you want true litigators fighting for you. 

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