Lemon Laws Cover Leased Cars as Well!

You have just leased a car you were eyeing for a long time. You haven’t provided a down payment, plus, you know your monthly payment will be lower than if you bought a car. In a word, you feel incredibly excited to drive off the showroom floor in your new car and have a little celebration with your buddies!

After a week you are on your way to the airport to catch an international flight! Suddenly your car breaks down on a busy highway! A real horror story, isn’t it? You schedule an appointment with a mechanic, but he is unable to fix the defect after a number of attempts. You’re feeling upset, angry and frustrated! But you shouldn’t! Instead, keep reading this page as our today’s article answers one of the most popular questions asked by drivers like you: “Does the Lemon Law apply to leased cars?”

Lemon Laws and Leased Cars! Great News for Leasees Like You!

We all know that lemon laws usually cover new and used vehicles (in some states only) with serious defects. But hey, aren’t there any regulations for those who have preferred to lease a car instead of buying! In fact, every state has its own legal regulations regarding the protection of consumers who leased a faulty vehicle. However, lemon laws vary from state to state. So, don’t forget to check your state’s Lemon Law guide at the first sign of trouble.

Fortunately, if you are a resident of California and have a leased defective car, you have nothing to worry about! The thing is, California Lemon Law applies to leased cars to the same extent that it applies to cars that are purchased. However, your leased vehicle will qualify as a lemon only if the vehicle has defects that impact its use, value and safety and only if the lease company was unable to fix the defect after a reasonable number of repair attempts.

But remember, even if your car has material defects and the mechanic failed to fix it, your leased car won’t qualify as a lemon if your car doesn’t have a manufacturer’s warranty. On the flip side, if the manufacturer provided a warranty and you can prove you are driving a lemon, the leasing company may need to replace your vehicle, reimburse you for your payments, and/or cancel your lease. In case the lease company disputes your claim, you better consider getting legal help from an experienced California Lemon Law attorney!

Get Rid of Your Lemon!

Do you want to know whether or not your leased car qualifies as a lemon under the California Lemon Law? If so, pick up your phone and dial (818) 553 -1000 to learn more about your case, ask questions and get guidance. Our attorneys at the Margarian Law Firm have the experience and knowledge to fight for your consumer rights and will help you say goodbye to your lemon! Also, don’t forget that consultations are free at the Margarian Law Firm.

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