Lemon Law Lawyer

Lemon Law Lawyer

Our Lemon Law Lawyers have been protecting consumers throughout the state of California for over 15 years. The California Lemon Law was designed to help consumers retain an attorney who will represent their case without the client having to pay any out of pocket costs. Litigation in any area may be very costly and not everyone can afford the entire process. However, driving a defective vehicle drains the consumer financially. Moreover, places the consumer and his/her family in great danger. Therefore, hiring a lemon law lawyer is what one needs to do.

Getting the help you need must be dome timely. There are law limiting the time when legal action can take place and you, as a consumer, do not want to wait too long before protecting your rights.

Hiring a Lemon Law Attorney

A lemon law lawyer will help a consumer receive proper legal representation. It will also put someone to work against manufacturers who often intentionally deny any possible and known defects associated with their own vehicle. The California statute makes it possible for the consumer to bring a lawsuit regardless of one’s financial ability to litigate. Manufacturers have attorneys working hard on their behalf and so should you, the consumer.

Hovanes Margarian has been practicing exclusively in the areas of lemon law and auto dealer fraud for the past 15 years. Moreover, he has extensive experience in the automotive industry for over 12 years. He has litigated cases throughout the state of California. Mr. Margarian was successful in getting their clients to a safer place both financially and physically. With thousands of settled cases and judgments that were as high as $1.25 in a single case.

In addition, as a consumer protection attorney, Hovanes has brought many large class action lawsuits against entities who have been deceiving consumers and treating them unfairly. From individual cases to large class action suits and even oppositions to lawsuits, Mr. Margarian has been protecting California consumers with vigor and great passion. So do not suffer financially, do not place yourself and your family in danger when you can get an experienced lemon law lawyer work hard on your behalf.

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