Lemon Law Beyond Cars and Trucks

In case you have purchased something other than a car or truck, and you notice it malfunctioning, you need to check whether it qualifies for protection under the lemon law. Different states have enacted their lemon laws to handle this problem or to protect the purchase of something other than a car or truck.

The Legislation: Lemon Law

The first thing to do is to resort to lemon laws. These are regulations that cover new and used vehicles. However, they also apply to consumer goods and services that turn out to be defective in terms of quality and performance. In other words, the lemon law protects consumers from substandard products, such as home appliances, televisions, and other consumer products. Lemon laws may vary by state in certain aspects; however, you need to check what the lemon law of your state covers.

The other two sources of enforcing your rights are the Magnuson-Moss Warranty – Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act and the Consumer Protection Act. You shall refer to these statutory documents for any product you buy and later find it malfunctioning. These are the two statutory protections when you buy something other than a car or truck. In particular, your purchase may range from consumer products such as computers, appliances to furniture and photocopiers, which qualify as defective warrantied goods.

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

This is a United States federal law and governs warranties on consumer products. The Act extends to products other than cars and trucks. In particular, it protects purchasers if they have bought products or any goods with express written warranty. By governing all warranty requirements, it focuses on consumer rights.

Under the Act, the manufacturer is obliged to replace the malfunctioning product or provide a refund to the purchaser. You need to remember, however, that the manufacturer has the right to a “reasonable number of repair attempts”. The Act allows you to obtain redress against a defective purchase and recover your damages. In addition, it also enables you to recover your attorney fees and any other statutory and court fees.

The Consumer Protection Act

This Act is a one more safeguard when you buy a malfunctioning product or when the manufacturer dishonors the obligations of the transaction. The law specifically protects your rights when the manufacturer has failed to provide you the “promised benefits.” This means that the manufacturer will be held liable if (1) he does not provide you with the requisite quality service, or (2) fails to fix the defective product under warranty.

Legal Representation

In addition to these laws, you may seek the advice and representation of the skilled attorneys to enforce your claim. This may seem to add to the burdens on your shoulders, but a competent law firm will skillfully handle your case. Our lawyers at the Margarian Law Firm will counsel you on your rights with detailed and up-to-date information. Most importantly, the Margarian Law Firm attorneys will successfully represent you when it comes to the battle at the court of law.

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