No Out of Pocket Costs to You for Your Lemon Law Case

Finally, you made a big financial decision and bought a car you had been eyeing for a long time. But within a short period of time, you realize that the brand-new car you bought has serious defects that the mechanic is unable to fix after a number of attempts!

We agree, this is a scenario you may not even want to think of, but unfortunately, it happens quite often!

The good news is that California Lemon Law is one of the most consumer-friendly laws in the States which protects consumers who purchased a lemon car like you!

However, in order to get a replacement or a full refund, you will need to have a professional lemon law attorney by your side!

The odds are you will ask yourself now: “Can I afford to hire a California lemon law attorney to fight for my consumer rights?”

That’s why we feel it is worth providing more detail about lemon law attorney costs in the Golden State!


Why Hiring a Lemon Law Attorney is a Must?

Are you a bit clueless about how to act and how to get rid of your lemon car? If so, you better find a professional lemon law attorney who will fight for your consumer rights and help you get the compensation you deserve!

Actually, we are sure that many of you will think you can figure all this out on your own! But you better change your opinion!

The thing is without lawyers manufacturers are more likely to refuse to replace your defective car or give you a refund! Whereas having an experienced attorney by your side will definitely strengthen your lemon law case!

Another benefit of letting an attorney handle your lemon law case is that lemon laws are quite complicated and only professional lawyers understand the various aspects of the lemon law!

Plus, as a non-attorney you are more likely to make mistakes, for example, file the wrong document or follow the wrong procedure. All this will inevitably ruin your lemon law case!

Don’t believe us! Well, you better do! Just hire a skillful attorney and wait for “happy ending”.


How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Lemon Law Attorney?

You have already spent a ton on your giant piece of metal. Not to mention that it has been a long time the stress is keeping you up at night because of your lemon! We are here to help you kill stress and save money!

We are glad to inform you that hiring a California lemon law attorney will cost you nothing.

The thing is, California Lemon Law specifies that payment of attorney fees and costs are the responsibility of the manufacturer and/or dealer as part of the settlement and/or judgment. This means that you never pay attorney fees out-of-pocket.


Driving a Lemon? Contact an Attorney Today!

If you think you have a lemon claim don’t hesitate to dial (818) 553-1000 for a free initial consultation!

Our skillful lemon law attorneys at Margarian Law Firm will quickly evaluate if you have a lemon law case, guide your next steps accordingly, and deliver the best possible results!

And remember! Our legal fees are paid by the manufacturer and never by you!

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