Top 5 Law Movies You should Watch this Summer

If you are wondering what movies to watch for your summer weekends, I would suggest these top 5 law movies. The list includes different genres: comedy, drama, and even thriller. Choose whatever you like, make yourself comfortable in an armchair and let the fun begin.  Potential law students are especially welcome to look at this law movie list.

My Cousin Vinny (1992)

“A comedy of trial and error.”

The movie is a comedy about two students Bill Gambini and Stanley Rothenstein who once arrive in Alabama and get arrested by the police for murder and robbery though they think they are being arrested for shoplifting. Moreover, the two must face an execution. They are short of money and cannot afford to hire a lawyer. Fortunately (or not so much), there is a lawyer in Bill’s family. Bill’s cousin Vinny who has just passed the bar exam after his 6th attempt, will try to help the two boys out. Soon, he himself will be needing some help.

Erin Brockovich (2000)

“She brought a small town to its feet and a huge corporation to its knees.”

The movie is a drama and a biography at the same time. It is about a woman with kids who was unemployed first but who got the chance to become an assistant to a small law agency lawyer. No one was taking her seriously at the beginning until she started investigating a doubtful real estate case that involved the Pacific Gas & Electric Company. As a result, she became the initiator of one of the biggest class actions in the history of the U.S.

Legally Blonde (2001)

“This summer go blonde!”

Do not expect anything serious from this movie since it is a terrific comedy that you can watch with your family. The movie is about a natural blonde Elle Woods who head to Harvard Law to make her ex-boyfriend change his mind and get back to her. As a result, the girl’s life changes suddenly and drastically.

The movie must be interesting to watch for the potential law school students since it depicts the law school admissions process in a very authentic and engaging way.

Michael Clayton (2008)

“The truth can be adjusted.”

This is an intricate and a heartbreaking story about a law firm “fixer” a divorced father Michael Clayton. He was once a successful litigator but is now busy “fixing” some dirty issues of the New York-based Kenner, Bach, and Ledeen law firm’s clients. Michael is living a life of a loser and a gambler with lots of debts. Maybe that’s why he never became a partner. However, after a bright lawyer, Arthur Edens has a mental breakdown, Clayton comes to rescue trying to deal with a multi-billion dollar lawsuit. However, this is not a simple case Clayton must “fix” since he realizes that the corporation is really guilty.

The Judge (2014)

“Defend your honor.”

This drama is more about family relationships within a lawyer’s family rather than a crime. A city attorney Hank Palmer has to come back to the town he was born in because his father, the town’s judge is suspected of murder.  Hank has estranged from his family since long ago and this incident with his father makes him reconsider his relationships with him. This is one of the law movies definitely worth watching this summer.

If you have watched any of these movies, let us know about your opinion. Also, feel free to offer your own list of awesome law movies. Sharing the article with your friends is highly recommended.

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