Advantages of Class Action Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits enable a group of people, called plaintiffs, to sue a defendant for similar damages or injuries caused by his/her actions or inactions. Class action lawsuits can involve up to thousands of claims that are similar in nature, and it will be impractical to litigate individually. Thus, the litigation process becomes more efficient and less time-consuming and costly. For instance, hundreds of Apple Watch users recently filed a class action lawsuit against the company for selling defective watches. Class action lawsuits offer a number of advantages for potential plaintiffs who choose to pursue a class action rather than litigate their claims individually. Here are some advantages of joining a class action lawsuit:

Lower litigation costs: As the costs of filing a class action lawsuit are divided amongst the members of the suit, it represents a more feasible option of suing for plaintiffs. Moreover, class action lawsuits are generally handled on a contingency fee basis, which means that the plaintiffs do not pay any legal fee unless they win the case. Lawyers who represent the class are usually paid out of the money that’s recovered.

Greater efficiency: Any class action lawsuit is decided in one court and by one judge. This is a big advantage allowing case members save much time.  Besides, class actions are more efficient and easier ways for courts to hear one case rather than hundreds of similar ones. Apparently, one claim will take less time than many similar claims filed at different times.

More certainty: As long as there is one judge, one settlement approach in class action cases, the plaintiffs’ recoveries will be more consistent. There is greater certainty for plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit as many similarly-situated plaintiffs get recovery in a similar manner.

Higher Likelihood of financial recovery: It is known that individual suits operate on a first-come, first-served basis. For example, if many individuals sue the defendant at the same time, those who filed a claim earlier have more chances to get recovery, if the defendant or business goes bankrupt. A class-action lawsuit eliminates the ‘’first-come, first-served’’ risks and enables all the injured parties to get recovery at the same time in equal proportions.

Professional legal representation: Other advantages of joining a class action lawsuit is that plaintiffs do not have to worry about representing themselves separately in court. Class actions ensure that plaintiffs are represented by an experienced and highly competent attorney, who is skillful in this type of cases and will achieve fair compensation for all the members of the class.

The highly professional and competent attorneys at the Margarian Law firm pride themselves in successfully handling hundreds of class action lawsuits. Due to their extensive trial experience and compound knowledge, the attorneys at the Margarian Law firm have managed to protect the rights of plaintiffs in class actions and achieve compensation they are entitled to by law.

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