The New Innovative BMW 7 Series

October 2015 will be marked by the release of the all-new innovative BMW 7 series. The vehicle’s features will make it the most innovative car in its class, according to the Manufacturer. BMW lovers are going to love this new model too. 

The main component of the vehicle is the Carbon Core frame that is stronger and at the same time lighter than in previous models. Sustainable materials are a part of the whole luxurious beauty.

Another notable feature of the vehicle is its gesture control system that turns wishes into commands. The driver just needs to make a few hand gestures instead of pressing buttons or touching screens. Quite like magic, right?

The vehicle also comes with a removable 7” Touch Command tablet that controls communication, music, climate, lighting and much more. The tablet computer performs all the usual tasks that may be expected from a tablet, but it also performs lots of entertainment, navigation and comfort functions. With BMW Touch Command, you have got 24 different functions at your command. They will allow you to enjoy the ride and feel how comfortable this new model is. 

The driver of the innovative BMW 7 series will have access to various Connected Drive services including internet availability, real-time traffic information and much more. Some new features here are remote-control parking and gesture command. Overall, you can see that the new BMW 7 series comes with a bunch of new and elegant features. 

The car’s key is another innovation in itself. The remote-control LCD display key provides the opportunity of accessing the automobile’s fuel status, service requirements and helps carry out remote-control parking.

At the end

Last but not least is the Panoramic Sky Lounge LED roof with ambient multicolor LEDs that illuminate over 15,000 engravings in the glass. Maybe it’s time to go get this dream vehicle. Not only BMW lovers will appreciate its elegance but also vehicle lovers in general.


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