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Hyundai Engine Class Action Settlement

If you bought or leased a 2011–2019 model year Hyundai Sonata, 2013–2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, or a 2014–2015 or 2018–2019 Hyundai Tucson equipped with a 2.0L or 2.4L Gasoline Direct Injection engine, you may benefit from Hyundai Engine Class Action settlement.  

According to the consolidated class action, the Hyundai Vehicles(Class Vehicles) suffer from a defect that can cause engine seizure, stalling, engine failure, and engine fire, that engine seizure or stalling can be dangerous if experienced and that some owners and lessees have been improperly denied repairs under the vehicle’s warranty. Neither Hyundai Motor America (“HMA”) or Hyundai Motor Company(“HMC”) have been found liable for any of the claims alleged in these lawsuits. However, the parties have instead reached a voluntary settlement in order to avoid a lengthy litigation. 

The individuals who owned or leased Class Vehicles are known as “Class Members.” Settlement Class Members may be entitled to compensation if they submit valid and timely claims that are approved pursuant to the review process and approved by the Court. Under the proposed settlement, and subject to proof, “HMA and HMC will provide financial and other benefits for certain engine-related repairs. 

The settlement extends the Powertrain Warranty to a Lifetime Warranty for the engine short block assembly, upon completion of the Knock Sensor Detection System Update. It also provides a free recall inspection for any recalled vehicles not yet inspected, regardless of current mileage or prior repairs, and rental car reimbursement or loaner vehicles for any vehicles that undergo engine replacement.

The settlement also provides:

  • Cash reimbursements for qualifying past out-of-pocket repairs and repair-related expenses, such as rental cars and towing, and cash reimbursements for certain trade-ins and sales of unrepaired vehicles. 
  • Compensation for inconvenience due to repair delays while the vehicle was serviced by Hyundai dealers. 
  • Compensation for vehicles lost due to certain engine fires. In some instances, the settlement also provides a cash rebate if you lost faith in the vehicle after experiencing engine troubles related to the defect and you purchased another Hyundai vehicle within a specified timeframe. 

To protect your legal rights and options, contact a lawyer.

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