HVAC Settlement with Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz USA

According to Mercedes HVAC Settlement Website, a Settlement has been established with Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC in a class-action lawsuit.  Plaintiffs claim in the lawsuit that some Mercedes-Benz vehicles have imperfect HVAC systems that produce or accumulate mold and result in foul smell, odors. Defendants Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC reject the claims; however, both sides have agreed on a settlement.

The Settlement offers the following benefits to Class Members

  1. cash reimbursement for costs paid for certain past repairs of the HVAC system,
  2. coverage for those repairs in the future. 

The proportion of reimbursement or coverage is on a sliding scale based on the age of the vehicle, as follows: 

Vehicle Age Time Period Reimbursement/ Coverage amount
Warranty Coverage Period (the earlier of 4 years from in-service date or 50,000 miles, under standard warranty) 100%
From the end of Warranty Coverage Period to the earlier of 8 years from in-service date or 100,000 miles 70%
From the end of prior Period to the earlier of 10 years from in-service date or 125,000 miles 50%


If the above-mentioned information is within your interests, take into account also that for repairs that occurred before May 11, 2020, your Claim Form for reimbursement must be submitted online or postmarked no later than July 25, 2020.  For repairs that occur between May 11, 2020, and December 7, 2020, your claim form must be submitted within 75 days of the repair.

The deadline to object to the Settlement and/or to exclude yourself from the Settlement is July 25, 2020.

Wonder if you are a Class Member?  If you are a current or former lessee or you possess one of the Mercedes-Benz vehicles (C – Class (model years 2008-2019), GLK – Class (model years 2010-2015), CLS  – Class (model years 2012-2017), E – Class (model years 2010-2019), GLA – Class (model years 2015-2019), GL – Class (model years 2013-2016), GLE – Class (model years 2016-2019), GLS – Class (model years 2017-2019), M – Class (model years 2012-2015), GLC – Class (model years 2016-2019)) purchased or leased in the United States, you are a Class Member. 

Your identity and all information you provide in making your claim will be kept strictly confidential in accordance with the Settlement Agreement.

The Margarian Law Firm is not class counsel in this matter and was not engaged in any part of the settlement terms negotiation. The settlement terms do appear to be very much in favor of class members, and we encourage all our clients who can benefit from these terms to seek their recovery via the settlement website. If however, you have a Mercedes-Benz which you believe to be a lemon, whether because of repeat defects of the same kind or a multitude of various defects, we welcome the opportunity to review your vehicle’s repair records in order to assess whether you are entitled to a refund of all or part of your lease or purchase payments. Call us at 818.553.1000 for a free consultation about your lemon law rights. Most importantly, stay safe and well.

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