How to Prove That Your Car is a Lemon?

Do you think you are driving a lemon car? Sorry! That’s not enough! You have to prove that your newly purchased car is a lemon in order to get either a refund or a replacement car. Now you may be asking how to prove it, right? That’s what I’m going to show you in this post. Just follow the tips below to improve your chances of successfully proving your lemon law case. Let’s begin!

Prove Your Vehicle Has a Substantial Defect

Proving your newly purchased car is a lemon can be difficult. But if you can prove that your brand new vehicle has a “substantial defect” that impairs the use, value, or safety of the vehicle, such as an airbag defect, faulty brakes or steering, your odds of walking out with favorable results will increase considerably. It goes without saying that in order to benefit from lemon law protections you must also prove that the defect is not a result of your misuse of the car.

Also, don’t forget that lemon laws vary (sometimes greatly) from state to state. So, you need to investigate the laws of your state to find out what qualifies as a lemon in your state.

Keep Detailed Records of Repairs: It’s Essential!

Once it is determined that your car has a substantial defect, the manufacturer should be given a reasonable number of attempts to repair it (again, varying by state). If the substantial defect can’t be fixed after a reasonable number of repair attempts, your car will qualify as a lemon. But wait! You’ll have to show that the manufacturer had plenty of chances to fix your car but couldn’t. So, in order to win the lemon law case, you should be prepared to hand over all evidence and paperwork relating to your case, including proper documentation of all your repair attempts.

Act Fast: Talk to a Lemon Law Attorney!

If you think you are driving a lemon car and have already notified the manufacturer of the defect, but you aren’t offered a settlement, the first thing you should do is contact an experienced lemon law attorney to discuss your lemon law rights. Yep, starting lemon law process can be daunting, but not with Margarian law firm. Our lemon law attorneys have significant experience dealing with lemons and manufacturers and can help your case move forward in the right direction. So, dial (818) 553 -1000 right away for a free consultation.

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