How Much Will An Auto Fraud Lawyer Cost?

So you have been ripped off by an auto dealer and now you have a big question – How much will it cost me to get out of this mess? The answer is ZERO!

At The Margarian Law Firm, you will not pay a single penny out of pocket! How is that? Let me explain below.

Pay No Fee for the Consultation

Yes, you are horrified by the idea of consulting an auto Fraud Lawyer. A three-digit number pops up into your mind. If you have seen movies about attorneys then the one thing you know for sure is that they are expensive! But did you know that at The Margarian Law Firm we do not charge a single penny for the consultation? This means you can consult with an auto Fraud Lawyer and get the answer to your questions without spending any money.

This consultation includes a full assessment of your potential lemon law or dealer fraud case. This means you can find out the odds of winning, how much you might win, how long it might take, what you should do in the meantime, and anything else that is worrying you about the case. 

We Work on a Contingency Basis

What does this mean? I will explain this simple legal term and all your fears will disappear. This basically means that the attorney will be paid only in case of a successful outcome. Even then the attorney fees are paid out of the recovery from the wrongdoer (typically the dealer). So, when we win the case, you don’t pay anything out of pocket. That means will always end up ahead of where you started as long as your case has merit and we are able to make the other side pay up. 

Simple and clear! But what if you don’t win the case? Do you have to sell your kidney to pay our bills? The question is valid for someone who is in this situation for the first time. The answer is NO! We take on the risk of losing so that consumers do not have to worry about that. Since our attorneys have handled thousands of such cases they know the odds, they know the strengths and weaknesses and they know how to optimize each case. It is our “business” to win your case. So if we fail than it is only appropriate that we do not charge you. In practice we never fail – each case has its ups and downs and we will always end up with a result that reflects the actual merit of your case. Be that $0 or $100,000. So we feel confident taking upon ourselves the risks associated with your case. Of course this comes with a lot of balancing and logic. If your case is bad we will advise you to pass on it. We will never advise you to jump into a burning fire nor will we do the same. 

The Answer to the Question “How Much Will An Auto Fraud Lawyer Cost?”

The answer is $0 out of pocket to you. You will pay nothing out of pocket. We track our time on an hourly basis and seek payment of those fees from the dealer.  If we are unsuccessful, our clients do not have to pay the fees.

If you have questions or concerns regarding auto dealer fraud, we urge you to contact The Margarian Law Firm today by calling (818) 553-1000. Call us for a free consultation and we will discuss the particulars of your case. The circumstances of each case are unique and you will have a clear idea of how to proceed only after a consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys. 

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