How Long Does the Lemon Law Process Take?

Wondering how long the lemon law process will take? Well, that’s one of the first questions anyone stuck with a lemon vehicle asks! In fact, the duration of lawsuit varies. The process can take as little as thirty days. Some cases can resolve within 90 days and others can take much longer. The thing is car companies often refuse to repurchase or replace lemon vehicles and they are forced to do so through litigation.

For example, when a Wisconsin customer was sold a defective Mercedes-Benz E320 for $56,000 in 2005, the manufacturer had 30 days to respond to the owner’s initial request for a refund and failed to do so. After several appeals, the case finally settled in 2010, with Mercedes being ordered to pay $482,000 in damages and legal fees (yes, you read that right). It took over 5 years from the purchase date of the car to the final resolution of the case.

The good news is most cases take only a few months. And if you work with an experienced Lemon Law attorney, the process will be much quicker. Thus, hiring a Lemon Law attorney should always be your first step!

What if You Win A Lemon Law Case?

If your car turns out to be a lemon — a vehicle with repeated, unfixable problems — you might be able to get a full refund or replacement vehicle. Moreover, if you win, in some states the manufacturer will also have to pay all your legal fees.

What if Your Vehicle Does Not Qualify Under Your State’s Lemon Law?

If your vehicle is defective but does not qualify as a “lemon,” don’t worry! There are other laws that may help. By having a Lemon Law attorney by your side, you will have a higher chance of being compensated for the repair expenses!

Hire an Experienced Attorney ASAP

Vehicle manufacturers receive thousands of lemon law claims from consumers every year.  They usually refuse to follow the law and give you the remedies you are legally entitled to. So, if you want to win your case against the big and powerful manufacturers, don’t do it alone! Discuss your case with an experienced attorney as soon as possible!

At the Margarian Law Firm, we have handled thousands of lemon law cases, and we know how to win. Call (818) 553 -1000 today for a case evaluation.

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