How Can I Find a Good Lawyer to Help Me Handle Auto Dealer Fraud?

If you find the right lawyer to handle auto dealer fraud, consider half of the work done. Yes, a lot depends on the lawyer. Is he/she specialized in auto dealer fraud? Does he/she have a successful case record? These are questions to ask when you are in search of a lawyer. You want someone who has done it before, who knows the industry’s jargon and really knows how the laws govern the deal. 

In this article, we will give you some tips on how to find a good lawyer if you have unluckily gotten into an unpleasant situation like auto dealer fraud.

Make Sure Your Lawyer Knows the Business

So good, so right. How do you know if the lawyer is competent enough? Want some tips? Look at the portfolio of the attorney. Is auto dealer fraud in his/her practice areas? Even if it is, that doesn’t guarantee the attorney is the right person. Does his portfolio cover a wide spectrum of practice areas or is it focused on related fields? If the lawyer does everything from insurance to real estate to family law, your answer is “no, no.” You don’t want the attorney who’s done a bunch of estate administration cases to take over your case. Lawyers that are most competent in auto dealer fraud usually do also consumer rights, including the Lemon Law. 

Ask for a Recommendation

Normally, lawyers that don’t deal with auto dealer fraud will not take your case but they can recommend a fellow attorney. Ask the lawyer who he or she recommends. Talk to the attorney to learn more but keep in mind that some attorneys charge for a consultation. Our best advice would be to start with a free consultation to see whether you really want the attorney to take charge of your case.

If Google, Then With the Right Words

If you can’t find anyone in your area, you may need to google search to find the right person. Once again, narrow your search to keywords like “fraud by auto dealership”, “lemon lawsuits [in your area], “consumer fraud”, “lemon law attorney”, “auto dealer fraud attorney,” etc. Don’t jump to the first site. Research some and you may find the person who is right for your case.

Contact The Margarian Law Firm For a Free Consultation

And since you are on our website, we want to make things easier for you. Our attorneys practice in consumer law, lemon law and auto dealer fraud. Visit our website to know more. Your search may end right here. Contact us for a free consultation and we will discuss with you the specifics of your case. Call at (818) 553-1000 to recover your rights.

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