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It’s not a secret that many vehicle manufacturers do not recognize the current defect in their production. In this article we will show you common Honda defects.

If your vehicle has one or two of the following problems and is still under warranty then your Honda is a Lemon and could be subject to the Honda Lemon law buyback program. Recognize some common defects of Honda experienced by our clients.

  •  Crackling Noise from Front

  The client had noticed a crackling/popping noise coming from the front of the car near the windshield. The client took the vehicle in for repairs three times for this issue, and each time an issue was found and repaired, but the problem would keep coming back. 

  • Popping Coming from Speakers 

As well as the noise from the front, the client had noticed a popping noise coming when the speakers were turned on. This issue was identified and repaired as well. 

  •  Speedometer Blinking 

When driving, the client had seen that the speedometer on the dashboard would flicker off for 15 seconds, and then turn on. This is very dangerous and could put someone in a hazardous situation. This issue was unable to be recreated by the dealership when taken in for repairs. 

  •  Infotainment system

Many customers had noticed buggy behaviors in their Honda’s , such as the screen being frozen, the screen turning black, or certain applications not working.

Compensation with The Margarian Law Firm

Margarian Law Firm will solve your problem and help you to get your Lemon law buyback. We are helping the client from earlier, as well as many other clients, get compensation for their Lemons. Lemon Law compensation can include buyback of the defective vehicle, the payment of attorney’s fees, or a cash settlement. If you have a Lemon, contact The Margarian Law Firm at (818) 553-1000. 


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