How Do I File a Class Action Lawsuit In CA?

The number of victims of fraudulent or deceptive practices by banks and businesses, as well as consumers who buy defective products, has significantly increased in the Golden State in the past decade! “But why?” you may ask! Well, in today’s article we are not going to answer to this very question (maybe next time), but we will focus on why groups of people find it so advantageous to bring a class action lawsuit and how to file a class action lawsuit in CA!

In the State of California, a single person or a group of people can sue on behalf of hundreds or thousands of people with similar complaints against the same company if it is impracticable to bring several people before the court for the same type of lawsuit.

In fact, thanks to such lawsuits, victims stand stronger together and maximize their chances to win the case and get the compensation they deserve!

If you are feeling cheated by a particular company, chances are you aren’t alone! If that’s the case, you may wonder how to start a class action lawsuit in CA!

Keep scrolling to get your questions answered!


First Step to Take!

If anyone has violated your consumer rights, and you believe there are others like you, you will certainly think of starting a class action lawsuit! But first of all, you will need to find professional attorneys who have the experience handling such cases, right?

The thing is, the legal requirements of such lawsuits are rather complex, and only class action attorneys can help plaintiffs make a number of important decisions.

On top of that judges are more likely to certify a class if experienced lawyers have taken care of your case!

So if you feel you have a good case, don’t hesitate to contact highly qualified lawyers for a free consultation.

For example, our class action lawyers at Margarian Law Firm are known throughout the state of California in this area of practice and are always ready to devote the time and resources needed to determine whether a lawsuit is appropriate!


Time to File a Lawsuit and Wait…

Have you been chosen to represent a group of people who have suffered from the same defective product or service like you? If so, as a lead plaintiff you should file a lawsuit and move for certification as a class.

So to get certification as a class in California, you should establish that resolving the claims in a class action would “provide substantial benefits” to both the courts and the litigants.

Besides, as a plaintiff, you must show that a class action is superior to alternative methods of resolving the dispute, including individual litigation.

If the California court decides that the proposed class meets the requirements for certification, then congratulations!


The Court Certifies the Class! Now What?

Once the court certifies the class, the case moves forward as a California class action lawsuit. The California court will notify all class members of the case by mailing them legal notice of the claim.

The notice will explain what the case is about and the rights of each member of the class. By the way, class members have the right to “opt out” of a class action lawsuit in California retaining their right to file an individual lawsuit!


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Court Decision is Ready!

In a class action, the court’s decision applies to every participant who has opted into the class. That is, if the litigation is eventually resolved in the plaintiff’s favor, the defendant is liable to all the class members.

If that’s the case, each participant in the class will receive some payment, even if he or she never actually went to court or participated in the lawsuit.

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