Yes, you can make a request and the attorney will call you back. Please, visit the Contact Us page.

It depends on the type of case, the merits of your case. We always work towards
reaching the best possible settlement quickly.

We do have free consultation both via phone and in-person. You are free to
choose the one that is convenient for you.

It depends on the documentation and information we have on your case. Our
attorneys do their best to get the best possible settlement.

The firm regularly gives updates on the cases. If we do not call you about any
update on the case, that means our lawyers are still working on the cases and
will give you updates as soon as there are any.

Yes, we can, but that is not as efficient as when you call and request yourselves.

Hiring a Lemon Law attorney has no out-of-pocket or upfront costs. We work with a contingency fee, meaning we are being paid by the manufacturer when we settle/close the case.

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