Learn about California Lemon Law to Exercise Your Consumer Rights

The California Lemon Law is the consumer’s defense against the often fraudulent sales practices of certain auto dealers. There have been enough automotive horror stories over the century plus that cars have been around to fill an encyclopedia.

To prevent your becoming another example in this hall of shame, always do your due diligence before purchasing any automobile. It is well known that a car is the next largest investment that most will ever make during their lifetimes.

Make certain that your investment is a wise one by doing your homework. Fire up that web search engine before making that auto investment to learn all the details you can about the; vehicle that you want, the fair market price for your area, the car dealer that you intend to purchase from and your best available financing options.

Even with the most comprehensive precautions imaginable, due to the complex nature of the modern automobile, it is still very possible to wind up with a Lemon Car. Vehicles that look and operate great may develop one or more problems over time.

Time is always of the essence but not necessarily the final determining factor in a California Lemon Law case. Even if a car has exceeded certain arbitrary legal limits, automotive justice may yet be rendered to wronged motorists.

There are a host of conditions and mechanical occurrences that can qualify a vehicle to be the subject of a California Lemon Law claim. Any defects that impair the safe operation of the automobile will jump to the head of the list. Though many may be averse to discussing any matter whatsoever with an attorney, they would be advised to rethink their strategy should they discover that they have become the owner of a Lemon Car.

Squeaking brakes, a whining transmission, leaking oil or doors that don’t close correctly should not be the fate of a customer that has acted in good faith and invested in a given auto dealer by patronizing their concern.

You’ve no doubt paid a pretty penny to your car dealer to enjoy the privilege of owning a quality vehicle. Therefore you must assert your consumer rights in the most strident of manners when you learn otherwise.


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