European Delivery: Buy a Car – Get a Trip

Imagine yourself traveling around Europe, driving your dream car, tasting new flavors, discovering new landscapes, and coming home with your new luxury car! Actually, you don’t have to imagine this because that is what the European Delivery program is all about.

European Delivery lets buyers purchase a car in the U.S. but pick up their new car directly from the factory in Europe, turning the car buying process into a unique vacation. You’ll typically get a discount on the price of the car, plus a travel deal. Compelling offer, right?

Here is how the European Delivery program works:

  • Order a European luxury car from a U.S. dealer
  • Once the pick-up date is confirmed, book your travel
  • Pick-up your car at the factory in Europe
  • Take a tour of the factory where it was built
  • Travel around Europe in your new wheels (two weeks of insurance is included usually, but it can be extended)
  • Drop off your car at an approved European drop-off location
  • Fly home
  • Pick it up again at your local dealership once it arrives a few weeks later

European vehicle delivery programs are offered by Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Porsche, and BMW: well, not anymore! BMW has just recently announced that it is ending the European Delivery program for the United States market from September 2020.

BMW’s European Delivery program allowed buyers to not only get a significant discount on their car, but a trip to Germany and other European countries. Unfortunately, we will no longer have the chance to enjoy this wonderful experience offered by BMW.

However, if you are a big fan of Benz, the European Delivery Program lets you pick up your new Mercedes-Benz, take a tour of the factory, check out the Mercedes-Benz Museum, and drive through Europe. Your vehicle will then be shipped across the ocean, meeting you back at home.

The program includes:

  • Arrival and Accommodation
  • Breakfast or lunch at the Delivery Center restaurant
  • Tickets to the Mercedes-Benz Museum
  • A tour of the Mercedes-Benz factory
  • Full tank of fuel
  • 15 days of European Road Insurance
  • Conveyance from one of the 11 drop-off points to the port of shipment
  • Ocean freight to the US port
  • Marine insurance
  • Transportation to the dealership
  • Waiving of the destination charge
  • Delivery & Drop-Off

The only automaker outside Germany offering European delivery is Volvo. You can pick up the Volvo of your dreams right from the Factory Delivery Center in Gothenburg. Spend a night near the manufacturer in Sweden and take a factory tour. With 15-day European car insurance coverage, including Swedish temporary registration, you can test out your new Volvo on Sweden’s roads.

Volvo offers the highest price discount and they are the only manufacturer to offer free airfare to their customers.

However, due to COVID-19, Volvo has made the decision to suspend deliveries in Sweden through October 31st.

You can take European delivery from Porsche, too, but there are no discounts. However, it offers airport transfers, a night at a hotel, 16 days of insurance, and a free lunch. You can pick up your car at the factory based in Germany (either in Stuttgart or Leipzig). In addition, Porsche also provides tours for their factory and museum. Pretty awesome, right?

So, don’t wait! Order a European luxury car from a U.S. dealer, and get a trip. Pick up your car in Europe, select the right music, start the engine, and go!!!

 And remember, if it ends up being a lemon, call The Margarian Law Firm. 

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