American Traditions and Litigation: Dunkin Donuts Sued for Mislabeling Donuts

Glendale, CA – The Margarian Law Firm has filed a class action lawsuit against Dunkin Donuts for alleged false advertising, mislabeling, and misnaming of their donuts. The lawsuit, Hrach Babaian v. Donkin’ Brands Group, Inc., Case No. 2:17-cv-04890, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, alleges that the plaintiff bought a blueberry cake donut and maple glazed donut from his local Dunkin Donuts believing both to contain real blueberries and maple sugar, respectively. But, Dunkin Donuts allegedly misrepresented the contents of its donuts by naming their donuts with ingredients that they do not actually contain.

The case filed in Federal Court alleges that when American consumers read the name of a product, they expect it to contain whatever the name states. A “chicken salad” is expected to contain chicken. A “chocolate chip cookie” is expected to contain chocolate chips. Likewise, consumers expect a “blueberry cake donut” or a “maple donut” to contain blueberry or maple, respectively. But, many of the donuts at Dunkin use names like blueberry, maple, strawberry, or vanilla, even though they may not contain even trace amounts of those ingredients. Per the lawsuit, Dunkin Donuts may be liable to consumers who purchased any of these donuts for misrepresenting the contents of their donuts. Consumers who purchased the mislabeled donuts believing that they were healthier than other donuts because of the falsely claimed fruit content, may be entitled to additional compensation for the diminished nutritional value of the donuts.

The Margarian Law Firm handles complex state and nationwide class action matters on behalf of consumers. Founded over a decade ago, the firm’s attorneys are highly skilled in various legal matters and offer a full range of legal services. Consumer rights litigation is handled on contingency terms whereby the consumers are able to hire the firm without paying out of pocket. The firm prides itself in helping the little guys get justice which they otherwise would not afford.

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