What to Do If You are Driving a Lemon?

You work hard for a long time to save enough money and become the owner of your dream model. Well, at last, you achieve your goal and drive your dream car home. You are showing your new vehicle to your family and friends full of joy and excitement. Everything seems to be perfect at first sight. However, sometimes you face unpleasant surprises. After a short time of using the vehicle, you find out that it malfunctions on a regular basis. You take it to repair shops multiple times, but the problem still exists. Of course, it is a quite frustrating experience. Most probably, you are the owner of a lemon car. Don’t panic. You are probably wondering, ‘’What should I do if I own a lemon car?’’ Keep on reading this article and you will find the answer to this question.

Having a lemon car

Do you think your vehicle is a lemon? Then, the first step that you should take is making sure that your vehicle qualifies as a lemon. Actually, lemon laws differ from state to state, but usually, a vehicle is a lemon when it comes with a substantial defect and is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Thus, let’s answer the following question, ‘’what is a substantial defect?’’ For example, are cosmetic flaws or odd noises substantial defects? These are minor problems, not substantial defects. A substantial defect is a manufacturing problem, which affects the vehicle’s use, value, as well as safety. That’s to say, the defect still remains even after the reasonable number of repair attempts. In fact, this number is also state specific.  Lemon laws in most states cover cars, personal trucks, motorcycles, etc. Some states also have lemon laws that protect used car owners, if their vehicles have warranties.

So, don’t hesitate to explore lemon laws of your state to understand whether your vehicle qualifies as a lemon. Do you know the ins and outs of the Californa lemon law process?

State laws can protect you

In fact, most state and federal lemon laws focus on the vehicle’s existing warranty. This means that you have the opportunity of filing a lawsuit if the dealer fails to repair the vehicle, which comes with a warranty. Usually, according to the lemon law, dealers must have a certain timeframe to fix the vehicle’s problem. In other words, they must make a reasonable number of repair attempts (in some states this number is three or four). Well, the gist of the lemon laws is that you may get a refund of the vehicle’s purchase price or a replacement vehicle if you prove that you are the owner of a lemon car. There is also an essential point that you need to keep in mind. If your vehicle’s defect is the result of your misuse, then you cannot rely on the protection under lemon laws.

Steps you need to take when stuck with a lemon

To begin with, you had better contact the dealer, if you suspect you are driving a lemon. Explain them your vehicle’s problem and give them a chance to fix the defect. Furthermore, keep in mind that documentation is the key in this situation. In other words, it is vital to document all the repairs performed on your vehicle. If what you want is winning the lemon law case, you should have the copies of the warranty repair orders. Consider having all the documents in writing. This includes your conversations with dealerships, as well as repair shops. Additionally, don’t forget to make sure that the documents have exact dates. Also, pay attention to the description of the car’s problem. It should contain all the details. Moreover, you should have all your complaints regarding your vehicle’s defect in written form.

Make sure that it is mentioned exactly when the warranty expires. In case the auto manufacturer doesn’t succeed in fixing the vehicle after a reasonable number of attempts, you can expect certain remedies, like a refund or a replacement vehicle. In certain states, if the vehicle’s defect is safety related, a single repair attempt is enough to consider the vehicle a lemon. You can also expect the protection under lemon laws if your vehicle is out of service for a certain number of days because of the defective manufacturing. So, the number of days that a vehicle is out of service varies from 15 to 40 depending on the state you come from for a vehicle to qualify as a lemon.

In conclusion, you shouldn’t lose your hope, if you own a lemon car. You should keep in mind that the key receiving a full refund is hiring a trustworthy lemon law attorney. In this case, your attorney will explain your rights properly and handle your case in a professional manner. As a result, you can have better chances of winning a lemon law case.


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