What Can I Do if I Discovered Car Dealer Fraud 4 Years Later?

Car dealer fraud is not uncommon. The dealer may be hiding a lemon or a used car’s actual mileage. What to do if you discovered a car dealer fraud 4 years later? Your first step should be to contact a car dealer fraud attorney. But before you do that, read about some of the most common types of auto dealer fraud.

Title Washing as a Common Type of Car Dealer Fraud

The most widespread form of car dealer fraud is “title washing”. The dealers remove the vehicle’s “salvaged” or “floor-damaged” branding and make you believe that the car is in good shape. The dealer may also get a duplicate title for the car in another state without a mention to the prior damage. 

Odometer Rollback 

Odometer fraud is another type of car dealer fraud that happens quite often (unfortunately, this is true). The odometer “rollback” is used to hide a used car’s actual mileage through tricks like altering the numbers, resetting the odometer, replacing the odometer or disconnecting it. Such incidences are prosecuted through criminal or civil litigation.

Contract Violations

Some dealers may include a service contract, warranties, and other accessories in the deal that may not be performed at a later time. In this case, you can legally protect your rights and get things done without delay.

Contact Your State’s Used Motor Vehicle Dept

Your first move should be to contact an attorney with experience in auto dealer fraud cases. But before you do that, consider contacting your State’s Used Motor Vehicle Dept that regulates, investigates and sanctions motor vehicle dealers. If your state has a disclosure requirement or any other requirement that your dealer did not fulfill, you may get things straight right at this stage.

However, if things do not work out, our attorneys are here to help.

Contact The Margarian Law Firm 

Whether you are someone who has just bought a new or used car or someone who has had the car for 4 or more years, attorneys at the Margarian Law Firm are eager to help. Just call at (818) 553-1000 for a free consultation. We have long experience in this area of practice and won’t let the dealers trick you.

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