Defining Lemon Law and Consumer Rights

A lemon car is a new vehicle with a substantial defect that affects the car’s use, value, or safety. Many times these defects do not surface until sometime after a purchase. If, after several attempts to fix the defect, the car is still not repaired, it may be a lemon. When it is a new vehicle, the braking system, steering system, wiring, gas tank, and any other component that makes the vehicle safe are considered substantial.

If you have not been able to drive the car, it may fall under the lemon law. Used cars in many states do fit the lemon law in several ways. If the car has, a warranty period left and still has the defect it may be considered a lemon and if it has not been properly repaired following an accident it may be a lemon.

If a car is paid for and is still not operating properly, the first thing to look at is the time left on the original manufacturer’s warranty, or extended warranty if one was purchased. Most warranties are for 36,000 miles, or three years and an extended warranty may last for five years after the original one expires. If this turns out to be a breach of warranty, check your local lemon laws to see if they apply in this case.

To be fully aware of your rights as a consumer when it comes to the lemon law, contacting a lemon law attorney Hovanes Margarian for free consultations is a wise choice. He can give you the advice you need to proceed with your lemon law case if you have one and doing so will save you many headaches in the future. One important thing to remember is to document every problem and keep records of every repair attempt made.

The lemon law is there to protect the consumer and is an important law to understand when owning a vehicle.

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