Defects Covered by the California Lemon Law

You bought a new vehicle. You think you do not have to worry about crashes, mechanical problems, safety. But what if it gives you stress with repeated visits to the dealer for repairs?  Here The California Lemon Law can help you.

What are Lemon Laws?

The Lemon Laws are American state laws defending the rights of consumers of cars and other goods in getting compensation for products that repeatedly fail.

California’s Lemon Law requires that manufacturers offer protection for new cars and used cars purchased during the manufacturer’s warranty period if the manufacturer is unable to fix a defect that “substantially impairs” the vehicle’s “use, value, or safety” within a reasonable number of attempts.

Due to the generality of its nature, there are many defects that the California Lemon Law covers.

If a vehicle is a lemon the manufacturer should decrease the price of the car. The malfunction can also result in the car becoming less safe both for the driver and other drivers, the passengers.

What are those defects the Lemon Law covers? 

The California Lemon Law may cover such problems as engine defects, cooling system, braking system. SRS/airbag system, suspension, driveline, rear differential, axle system, turbocharger problems may be covered but the Law, too. It also includes check engine warning lights, SRS warning lights, brake warning lights. The Law also covers electrical problems, types of transmission symptoms, lack of power, smoke from the tailpipe, fuel injection, air conditioning. In addition to these problems, it includes the navigation system problems, power windows, door locks, sunroof operation, drive system, ABC brakes, power seats. It does not limit all problems mentioned above. These are only a part of the defects that appeared after repeated repair attempts under warranty. If you have problems like traction control, paint defects from the factory, seat belt problems, fuel filling problems, you can turn to Lemon Law attorneys for help. 

What other defects does the Law cover? 

Let us list “non-substantial” defects: consumer complaints, minor seat covering wrinkling. “Non-substantial” defects may include small trim pieces falling off, poor fuel economy and other minor annoyances, too. Under the California Lemon Law, you can get back your payment. You can also get back the government fees, license fees and all the monthly payments you have done. The manufacturer pays off the lease, you back the vehicle to the car dealership, and get your Lemon Law check. 

Note that if your car’s warranty has expired, the Law does not cover the defects. The Lemon Law covers the defects of the car or replaces it with a new one only if the vehicle is under the original warranty.

So, if you have bought a Lemon, you can easily solve the problem. The California Lemon Law protects the following new and used vehicles sold or rented in California which come with the manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty: cars, trucks, vans, etc. The Law covers lots of defects concerning your automobile such as engine problems, lights, power. And if you have Lemon problems you can first contact the seller who sold you the Lemon. You should call and demand a repair. If the defects appear after several attempts at repairing it is the right time to call a Lemon Law attorney.


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