Defects Covered by California Lemon Law

Due to the generality of its nature, there are many defects that are covered under the California Lemon Law. That is why it is a great idea to consult an attorney that specializes in the specific terms outlined in the Golden State’s version thereof.

The Lemon Law is about holding the car dealer responsible for problems that render the Lemon Car as not conforming to the standards set forth in its warranty after a realistic amount of repair attempts. Mechanical issues that may mar the usage, worth or safe operation of the car or truck in question will qualify it as a Lemon.

Vehicle owners that may find themselves with a Lemon are advised as the old adage goes, to make lemonade. They can do that by first contacting the seller that sold them the Lemon and request an appropriate repair be performed. If, after several attempts at repairing the defects have occurred without the situation being remedied, then it’s time for the vehicle owner to contact a Lemon Law attorney.

Some Lemon Law attorneys offer free consultations that allow the Lemon Car owner to inexpensively assess if they have a good legal footing in bringing a Lemon Law action against the person or persons that sold them their vehicle.

It is important for the vehicle owner not to attempt a legal action under the California Lemon Law or any other statutes for that matter if their vehicle has only trivial faults like a broken radio knob or a scratch obtained in a parking lot from an adjacent car door opening too close.

Still, little things can and often do mean a lot. The best thing to do is to find an attorney that specializes in California Lemon Law who offers a free consultation and take advantage of it. Then let the California Lemon Law lawyer advise you upon your best course of action, or inaction, as the case may be.

It is important for those wishing to obtain justice in a Lemon Law legal action to file their case as soon as practicable. As such matters grow unenforceable if a long duration is permitted between when the car is purchased and when the legal action is brought.


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