Got a Defective Car? The Lemon Law Can Help You Get Your Money Back!

Do you remember how excited you were when you bought a new car? You wanted to show off your new purchase to everyone you knew!

But soon you weren’t even able to get from Point A to Point B because your car spent more time at the repair shop than it spent with you.

Well, it’s really stressful and frustrating to realize that your brand-new or newly purchased used car is malfunctioning, defective, or dangerous. But hey, quit sulking. It’s time to say goodbye to your lemon car!

But first, keep reading this page to get familiar with your consumer rights. Finally, find the answer to the most important question: “Can lemon law help get my money back?”


Know Your Rights As a Consumer!

Did you know that lemon laws are federal and state consumer protection laws that protect consumers who have purchased defective vehicles or goods?

We are betting that right now you are wondering if lemon laws can help you get your money back! And fortunately, the answer is “yes”.

If it turns out that you are driving a lemon, you can get the compensation you deserve! In most cases, compensation comes in the form of replacement or refund!

As soon as you win a lemon law lawsuit in court, you don’t need to worry about purchasing a new car.  As a consumer, you have the right to choose the vehicle replacement option.

In this case, the manufacturer must give you a new vehicle that is substantially similar to your old “lemon” car, and pay all sales tax, registration, license and other official fees associated with the sale.

However, you are absolutely free to choose to get your money back if that is the remedy that you want. Under the California Lemon Law you will receive a refund which consists of the following:

  •         down payment;
  •         monthly finance or lease payments;
  •         initial registration and other official fees;
  •         attorney’s fees.

And most importantly, under California Lemon Law, you can hire a professional attorney to prosecute the lemon law lawsuit knowing that the manufacturer (not you) will have to pay all the legal fees. Isn’t this great?

Now when you know all this, move on and start a new chapter with your new car!


Qualifying for Lemon Law Protection isn’t Easy, but it’s Possible!

In fact, it’s not that easy to get your money back even if your brand-new or newly purchased used car has defects! The thing is lemon laws don’t apply to every situation and to all kinds of defects.

For example, minor defects such as a broken knob or faulty radio don’t affect a significant function of the car. If that’s the case, be ready to spend some money in repair shops.

However, if your car has serious issues that impair the vehicle’s normal use, safety, or value, such as faulty brakes or steering, your car may qualify under your state’s lemon law.

Under the law of most states, the car must have a “substantial defect” that isn’t caused by the owner after the purchase and continue to have the defect after a number of repair attempts in order to qualify as a lemon.

Once you realize your car has substantial defects, head to the repair shop. This is a very important point because you will qualify for lemon law protection only if you allow the manufacturer to make a reasonable number of attempts to repair the defect.

Also don’t forget to keep detailed records of every repair because if the case goes to court, you’ll have to show that the manufacturer had plenty of chances to fix your car but could not.

However, the so-called reasonable number of attempts varies from state to state. For example, according to California Lemon Law, your vehicle is considered to be a lemon if;

  •         there were 4 or more repair attempts for the same issue;
  •         there were 2 or more repair attempts to fix an issue that can cause injury or death; or
  •         your vehicle is out of service for more than 30 days for any repairs.


And one last thing: all this should occur within the first 18 months or 18,000 miles of purchasing or leasing your vehicle.

By the way, California lemon law would cover a used car if you bought it with the manufacturer’s warranty!

So if your car meets the criteria above, you will either get a full refund of the purchase or a replacement!


Discuss Your Case Today With Professional Lemon Law Attorneys!

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