Can a Dealership Sell Me a Car for Above the Advertised Price?

You finally find a quality used car at a good price. But before signing the contract you notice that the price on the contract is higher than the advertised price. No surprises here! Many car dealers tend to increase prices to make more profit.

Of course, dealers will make you believe that the listed price was simply an “accident,” or that the new (aka the higher price) is the only advertised price. Also, they will falsely state that they have added some accessories or optional features that increased the price. The truth is car dealers cannot sell you a car above the advertised price. That’s illegal!  

This is a common scam, usually called “Bait and Switch” or simply false advertising. “Bait and Switch” is an advertising tactic in which the dealer advertises a car with a great price, but when you show up at the dealership, they say the vehicle is no longer available. Then they try to sell a more expensive vehicle (or the advertised vehicle at a price higher than advertised).

In fact, many consumers agree to pay the increased price (well, because the dealer uses every sales trick to make consumers buy vehicles at higher prices).

If this happens to you, it’s always a good idea to make a copy of the advertisement or take a screenshot of the advertised price. 

You Paid Above the Advertised Price — Now What?

Even if a customer signs a contract for the increased price, there are laws in place that protect consumers.

So, if you believe a dealership has charged you unfairly based upon the advertised price, contact the auto dealer fraud attorneys at the Margarian Law Firm by calling (818) 553-1000. The consultation is FREE!

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