Dealer Sold Me a Car That Was in an Accident. What Rights Do I Have?

A dealer sold you a car that was in an accident with a clean CarFax report? Quite a possible scenario! It means that accident happened quite recently and CarFax or AutoCheck has not received a report on the accident yet. What are your rights? Some people just leave things as they are without taking any action. That’s a bad idea! You should immediately contact a dealer fraud attorney as your situation may well qualify as a dealer fraud.

What If You Purchased a Car That Was in Accident?

You purchased a car with “clean history” but several months later you get a report from CarFax or AutoChecker that the car was in an accident? The dealer did not disclose this information to you and more than that, they said the car was never in an accident. If this is the situation you are in right now, you should know that you have guaranteed by a very high level of protection from fraud.

What can you do? The first thing is to find an experienced attorney that can ensure a buyback or a refund. Moreover, the dealer will end up paying your attorney fees.

The Californian Consumer Legal Remedies Act and the Unfair Competition Law are the two statues that allow fee-shifting provisions. This means that your dealer will pay the attorney fees in case the dealer is found engaged in unfair, unlawful, or fraudulent acts or practices.

What Will Happen If I Leave Things As They Are?

Some people don’t want to get into trouble of opening a claim. That’s unfortunate because they suffer damages especially when they try to resell the car. When you try to resell the car several months later, CarFax will already have the report on the accident and you will end up getting only a fraction of what you paid.

The bad news is that if you decide to open a claim later on, the statute of limitations will place a complete bar on your recovery. If you miss the statutory period to sue the dealer, your chances of getting compensation will be equal to zero.

We don’t even say that you are risking your life and health by driving a damaged car. So, think twice once you become aware of the previous accident. Our advice is to open an account with CarFax to be notified of any damages if any.

Contact the Margarian Law Firm If You Bought a Car That Was in Accident

We understand how unpleasant the situation is. But everything is not over! Here at the Margarian Law Firm, we encounter situations like yours and in most cases, our clients end up with a buyback or refund without paying out of pocket. We offer a free consultation to deliberate how we are going to proceed. So dial (818) 553-1000 and let’s get your compensation back. Our trusted attorneys are specialized in dealer fraud and can help you out of the situation.

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