Effect on Litigation and Legal Rights: COVID-19 Bringing Courts to a Halt

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, most courts in the US have closed their doors. This poses a temporary threat to fundamental legal rights which are the backbone of our great nation. The civil justice system has essentially come to a complete halt. What keeps our society civil, although some may argue it to be otherwise, is the ability to bring forth a lawsuit regardless of one’s size and might. With the courts closed, this essential tool has been paused.

The current situation has left millions of litigants without real leverage to seek their grievances. It has also left thousands of attorneys without a source of income. Companies that rely on the court system are experiencing a real financial crunch.

Over the past two months and onward, depending on how long the courts are closed, there has been a built-up of court cases. The influx of filings will continue while the settlements will likely lag. Moreover, as Americans take this time to reorganize their lives many will finally have time to address their legal needs. Attorneys, who are now freed up from courts will have more time to handle other legal matters. As such the wheels of the legal system will keep turning, speeding up in one aspect while slowed down in another aspect. It will all catch up eventually as the court reopens.

There is a great opportunity now for consumers to get their legal affairs in order. It is also a great opportunity for attorneys to help more people and build new, present, and future client relationships. Once the courts reopen, there will be double or triple the amount of court work than there was previously due to the bottleneck created by the closures. This will translate positively upon consumers. Defendants will be overwhelmed by the built-up and will be forced to settle quicker. In fact this may even encourage some to do so now while there is less distraction from courts.

The US legal system will of course overcome this hurdle. Thus if you are on the fence about proceeding with any legal claims do not be. Now is the ideal time to step forward and organize your legal matters.

We at The Margarian Law Firm focus on Lemon Law, Dealer Fraud, and Consumer Class Actions. If you have any such potential claims, we welcome the opportunity to talk to you. Consultations are free and, if you have a meritorious claim, we will represent you on pure contingency terms – no charge out of pocket, we get paid from the other side when we win.

For all other legal needs, we welcome you to contact us and we will direct you to attorneys within our network who handle business law, real estate law, bankruptcy, estate planning – wills and trusts, personal injury, immigration, family law and other types of cases.

Most importantly, stay safe and be well. Take this time to improve and organize your life, and enjoy the gift of time with your family members.

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