Consumer warning : Hyundai and Kia recalls over 281K models for fire risk.

More vehicles from Kia and Hyundai are being recalled owing to a fire danger, and owners of all 2020–2022 Hyundai Palisade SUVs and certain 2020–2022 Kia Telluride SUVs are being advised to park outdoors and away from buildings. The two recalls include more than 281,000 automobiles .

Recall Details and Interim Repairs

This time, the issue is with defective wire harnesses for trailer hitches, which have already caused at least 25 instances of fires and/or melting, some of which occurred after the cars were switched off. The recalled hitches were either factory-installed or bought from Kia and Hyundai dealers.

Manufacturers say that they are currently developing a solution to the problem, Hyundai dealers will evaluate the tow hitch module and, if required, remove the fuse as an interim repair. Kia automobiles are not eligible for an interim repair.

The issue arises when debris collects on a printed circuit board within the trailer hitch, resulting in a short circuit and a fire. The majority of complaints addressed to automakers concern melting, while some cars had more serious fires.

Kia reported six fires, five of which resulted in merely “localized melting.” According to NHTSA paperwork, no injuries or crashes have been documented in connection with any recall.

In addition, the Telluride has been recalled for a malfunctioning occupant detection system in 2021 MY cars, an inaccurate seat belt assembly in 2020 Tellurides, an erroneous spare tire size, and blank instrument cluster and LCD displays in 2022 MY vehicles. Hyundai has also announced a number of additional recalls for Palisades cars, including ones for windshield wiper failure and brake fluid contamination on 2021 MY vehicles as well as instrument cluster displays that are inoperable on 2020 and 2022 MY vehicles.

Additional Recalls and Resources for Checking Recalls

To discover if your car is still subject to a recall, check:

You may find out whether there are any open recalls for your car on the NHTSA website like Hyundai and Kia recalls .

If a recall doesn’t show up when you enter your vehicle’s 17-digit VIN onto the NHTSA website, it doesn’t presently exist for your automobile. We advise frequent monitoring because recalls are frequently issued by automakers and include a large number of older vehicles. For example you can find out about Hyundai and Kia recalls and reasons in NHTSA website.

Compensation Options for Defective Vehicles

Dangerous, life-threatening defects are very common in vehicles. It is comforting to know that there are investigations for these defects, but sometimes, these investigations can lead nowhere. A lawsuit might not be filed, or the settlement for the lawsuit will be disappointing, and those who have suffered from the defect will think that there is no way to get properly reimbursed. But, this isn’t true. There are ways to get compensation if there are defects in your vehicle. If your vehicle has multiple, irreparable manufacturing defects, also known as a Lemon, you can use Lemon Law to your advantage and get compensation. Compensation for Lemons includes the buyback of the defective vehicle, the payment of attorney’s fees, or a cash settlement.
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