Vehicle Safety: Common Car Defects

Different people prefer different cars; some like high-speed sports cars, others are obsessed with the latest technological innovations in a car, some people set safety in the first place. We expect our vehicles to be beautiful, fast, comfortable and, of course, safe. However, not all vehicles are safe and that may put our lives under risk one day. Each year, millions of vehicles are being recalled due to manufacturing errors and defects, and only a portion of these vehicles is being repaired.

We do not exclude the fact that driver error may cause an accident or vehicle failure, however, in many of the cases, manufacturing and/or design defects are to be blamed for that. Following are several common car defects that may cause injuries and even fatalities to both the drivers and the passengers:

Airbag Defects

Airbag defects may be of two major types; airbags may either deploy unexpectedly and with too much force, or they may just fail to deploy at all when there is a real need for that. In both of the cases, the driver or the passengers may suffer serious injuries, including head and body injuries, broken bones and so on.

Roof Defectscar

Roofs that may crack or collapse during a crash or a rollover may also pose serious safety risks to the passengers of a vehicle. To this group, we can also add glass roofs that may also break due to manufacturing or design faults and may again result in serious consequences.

Seat-belt Defects

Seat-belts that have got faulty webbing which is prone to tearing or seat-belts that can easily unbuckle during a collision may result in serious safety risks. People may even be thrown out of the vehicle due to poor or no seat-belt restriction.

Vehicle Fires

Vehicle fires may result due to different causes. Sometimes, a vehicle may catch fire due to a faulty electrical system, in other cases, a vehicle may catch fire because of vehicle fluid leaks. If a vehicle combusts suddenly, it undoubtedly has got some kind of a defect.

Some other common car defects are, for example, tire failure when the tire explodes unexpectedly, causing loss of vehicle control. Brake failure is another common car defect that may result in catastrophic collisions and rollovers.

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